Shutdown and Default Considered Small Price to Pay for Banning Birth Control, Say Catholic Bishops and Paul Ryan

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Perched on a dais with two other panelists in a windowless meeting room in a Washington, D.C. hotel, the top lobbyist for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) conceded that the prelates just couldn’t muster the number of votes in the U.S. Senate to pass a law that would allow employers to ban birth-control coverage in the insurance plans they offer their employees.

“That’s why, over the last year and a half, the efforts of the Bishops’ Conference have been trying to say that this kind of protection needs to be attached to must-pass legislation,” said Richard Doerflinger, associate director of the USCCB’s Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities in a panel discussion at a the religious-right gathering known as the Values Voter Summit. “That’s the only way to get the Senate to deal with it,” he said.

In their September 26 letter to members of Congress, RH Reality Check reported, Cardinal Séan O’Malley and Archbishop William Lori asked that the language of the proposed Health Care Conscience Rights Act (H.R. 940, S. 1204) be added to either the continuing resolution (CR) legislation needed to fund the operation of the federal government, or to the legislation needed to prevent the United States from defaulting on its debt.

Opposition to the birth control benefit has been framed by the bishops and their allies as an infringement of their religious liberty, turning the definition of the term on its head by claiming a right to impose their theological views on those who believe differently. The religious liberty theme—and the claim that President Barack Obama aims to revoke it—is one that pervaded the annual conference, which took place at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, a sprawling Washington landmark.

Making the Most of the Moment

Absent from the podium this year at the right-wing confab was Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), who delivered a message by video, including an apology for not having made it to the gathering, which has become a regular, annual appearance for him.

“I’m sorry I can’t join you in person,” Ryan said in the video. “Things are a little busy up here on Capitol Hill these days. My colleagues and I, well, we’re working to get a budget agreement. It’s been slow going, but I want to make the most of this moment.”

Across town, at the U.S. Capitol, Ryan, who chairs the House Budget Committee, was making the most of the moment by rallying his troops in the House to do the bishops’ bidding.

Earlier in the day, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), presented a plan for a compromise deal (later rejected by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid) that would have funded the government through March, ending the current partial government shutdown, and delayed until January the showdown on the debt ceiling—which needs to be raised by October 17, according to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, in order to avert a financial crisis. Ryan, the Washington Post reported, was having none of it. One big reason: birth control. Specifically, the contraception benefit in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), to which the bishops object.

In a closed-door meeting with his fellow House Republicans, Ryan reportedly “riled” up his colleagues with a speech opposing the Collins compromise, finding no benefit in the extension of deadlines to alleviate the current crisis. As the Post’s Paul Kane and Lori Montgomery wrote:

According to two Republicans familiar with the exchange, Ryan argued that the House would need those deadlines as “leverage” for delaying the health-care law’s individual mandate and adding a “conscience clause”—allowing employers and insurers to opt out of birth-control coverage if they find it objectionable on moral or religious grounds—and mentioned tax and entitlement goals Ryan had focused on in a recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.

(Ryan’s Wall Street Journal op-ed, which also proposes means-testing for Medicare, among other things, is here.)

Since late September, the Republican-controlled House has passed a number of versions of the CR (H.J. 59), all with some measure attached designed to be unpalatable to lawmakers in the Democratic-controlled Senate. The first one, passed by the House on September 20, included a measure to strip funding for implementation of the ACA, which is also known as Obamacare. Predictably, the Senate stripped the anti-Obamacare language and sent the CR back to the House, which passed it again, this time with the defunding provision removed, and, in its place, measures that would have delayed the opening of the ACA’s insurance exchanges for a year, as well as the implementation of the contraception benefit, which requires nearly all insurance plans to cover prescription contraception without a deductible or co-pay.

Again, the Senate stripped out the language on the health-care law, and sent the bill back to the House for reconsideration. By then, Congress was up against the deadline for passing the CR needed to fund the government, forcing the partial shutdown. Absent from subsequent CRs passed by the House and rejected by the Senate, which included measures to reopen popular aspects of the government (such as parks, or nutritional assistance programs), was any further attempt to force the Senate to exempt employers from the requirement for contraception coverage.

But it appears that Ryan is gearing up to ride to the bishops’ rescue in their quest to keep women from having sex void of life-changing consequences.

Bishops Join With Obama-Haters and Gay-Bashers

The Values Voter Summit is sponsored by FRC Action, the political arm of the Family Research Council, which has been classified as a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center for its vitriol against LGBTQ people. That the bishops would send their man to such a virulently right-wing gathering—in which Obamacare was denounced as “the worst thing in this nation since slavery,” where state of America today was equated with that of Nazi Germany, where the president was denounced as a tyrant—speaks to their desperation to find allies for their cause. Catholic women, for example, use birth control at the same rates as those of other denominations, and 82 percent of all Catholics say that the use of contraception is morally acceptable, according to Gallup.

That’s likely why the bishops insist on falsely describing some of the prescription contraception methods covered by the preventive care regulations issued by the Department of Health and Human Services under the ACA as “abortifacients.” Public opinion is far more divided on abortion than on birth control.

The panel on which Doerflinger appeared—a breakout session titled “Values and Obamacare: The Threat to Religious Freedom, Life & the Family”—also featured Anna Franzonello of Americans United for Life and Casey Mattox of the Alliance Defending Freedom, both of whom are attorneys working on cases challenging the birth control provision, often referred to as the HHS contraception mandate. Doerflinger’s purpose appeared to be to urge the largely evangelical Protestant audience to lobby their senators and congressional representatives to support a right for employers to deny contraceptive coverage to their workers.

When an audience member, during the question-and-answer period, suggested that Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York, take a greater public role in opposing the birth control provision, Doerflinger replied that there’s nothing the media, which he said sided with the president, liked better than seeing a bishop in a mitre trying to make the case against the birth control benefit, when the other side is represented by “an articulate woman” such as Kathleen Sebelius, the Health and Human Services secretary.

The spokespeople really needed by those standing in opposition to the HHS mandate, Doerflinger said, were women. He made note of a group called Women Speak for Themselves, which took up the bishops’ provision, and gave a shout-out to Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) for her sponsorship of the Health Care Conscience Rights Act in the House.

Obama “the Enemy of Our Freedom”

At a later breakout session, “Where Do We Go From Here? A Challenge to Tyranny,” Terry Jeffrey, editor in chief of CNS News, an arm of the right-wing Media Research Center, suggested that stronger medicine was needed than that which Doerflinger called for.

“It’s a pretty powerful word, tyranny—but I think it’s an accurate one,” Jeffrey said as he opened his remarks. After establishing his Catholic bona fides by citing his Jesuit education, Jeffrey said his expectations were low for the outcome of the court cases filed by private employers such as Hobby Lobby, a crafts store chain, and church-affiliated institutions such as the Little Sisters of the Poor, because he expected even rulings favorable to the plaintiffs to be narrow. He had even less hope for a congressional remedy, he said, despite the fact that House Speaker John Boehner is Catholic, and noting how quickly the House Republicans had abandoned the conscience measure they attached to the second version of the CR. “They held on to that position for, like, I don’t know, 30 hours,” he said, ruefully.

No, Jeffrey said, the only way to win against what he called “this unjust law” was to take a page out of Martin Luther King Jr.’s book and embark on a campaign of massive civil disobedience. He noted that King’s famous Letter From a Birmingham Jail framed the justification for his outlawed courthouse protest in the teachings of two Catholic saints: Augustine and Thomas Aquinas.

“Because our legislatures won’t protect us, because our courts won’t protect us, and because we have a president who is the enemy of our freedom … we are going to have to stand and resist the way people did in the ‘50s and ‘60s against immoral segregation laws,” Jeffrey said. “We are going to have to engage in organized … and peaceful disobedience because of an unjust law that is a huge step towards tyranny in the United States of America.”

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  • MichaelLoBurgio

    churches and taxes

    “You know what they ought to do with churches? TAX THEM. If
    holy people are so interested in politics, government and public policy, let
    them pay the price of admission like everybody else.

    The Catholic Church alone could wipe out the national debt
    if all you did was tax their real estate!” George Carlin

  • fiona64

    I think these bishops missed the memo; the United States is not the Vatican. The Catholic Church does not run the show.

    • bswen

      sure doesn’t stop them from trying does it?!

      • fiona64

        Nope, it sure doesn’t.


      Newsflash to the Pope: the inquistion & crusades are both long dead and none too soon.

  • expect_resistance

    “Opposition to the birth control benefit has been framed by the bishops and their allies as an infringement of their religious liberty, turning the definition of the term on its head by claiming a right to impose their theological views on those who believe differently.”

    What about my freedom from religion? What happened to separation of church and state? What happened to freedom to my bodily autonomy?

    So sick of hearing the bishops whine ad nauseum about this issue. Give up already. Most Catholic women have used birth control at some time.

    • Arekushieru

      That’s what these people don’t get. They always claim that when your right infringes on someone else’ right, namely the right to bodily autonomy infringes on a fetal right to life (hint: it doesn’t. It’s actually the other way AROUND), that the original right is abrogated. Now, they’re doing the same thing. Claiming that birth control infringes on THEIR religious liberty, when… again… it’s the other way AROUND.

      • Rdzkz

        Again, well said, let me add, that we do not tell or control the bishops what to do with their penis!

        • HeilMary1

          Yeah, nobody is raiding their wallets and medicine cabinets for Viagra pills!


          I’d rather not know what they do with them. the only “device” I’m concerned with is mine and whoever I find myself involved with (which isn’t frequent, I’m no man skank)

    • Rdzkz

      Well said. What bishop ever had a birth control or reproductive issue..other than raping young boys?

    • neil allen

      Catholics are liars – THAT is their religion.

      They want the freedom to force you to follow their religion if you have anything to do with their businesses like hospitals or churches.

      If altar boys cold get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.

      • Arekushieru

        Then even Christian Conservaturds who claim to want smaller government, AGREE with Churches forcing others to follow their religion.

      • HeilMary1

        Priests’ mistresses already DO get abortions!

        • neil allen

          Catholic pedo-priest Fr Cudemo in Philly raped a 12 year old girl, got her pregnant, and took her for an abortion. Veerry Catholic.

      • Clarisse73

        Calm down, neil. It is the Catholic Hierarchy, not Catholics themselves, who are pushing this ridiculous “It’s against MY conscience for YOU to have birth control.” These bishops are some of the same “holy men” who looked the other way when little boys and girls were molested by priests. Where was their conscience then? And, years ago, if a wealthy Catholic wanted to leave his wife without suffering the stigma of divorce, he was simply granted an “annulment” by the Church. What’s that? He had been married fifteen years and they had four children together? No matter, the Church waved its magic scepter and presto! change-o! he was allowed to replace his old wife with a luscious new model and go on with his life. And no conscience or concern could be detected for the humiliated family that was left behind.

        • neil allen

          Agreed, but the Catholics themselves accept and tolerate what the bishops do, just like they accepted and tolerated rampant, organized child rape.

          • Clarisse73

            Are you a complete ass? You know NOTHING about Catholics or the Catholic Church! To stupidly assert that the parents of these children knew what was happening to their children and simply accepted it, is so revolting that I don’t even know what to say. Or are you saying that Catholics, in general, knew about the rapes and just didn’t care? Either way, your comment is just about the stupidest thing I’ve read online in a long time.

          • neil allen

            I know MUCH more about the Catholic church than you do, and the parents certainly are not to blame.

            Catholics, in general, ALL know about the rapes now and they and still don’t care about the victims. To say otherwise is the stupidest thing of all time.

            Better yet, PROVE to me what Catholics did to help the children that were raped by their best leaders using the power of their god.

          • Clarisse73

            I’m sorry, neil allen, life is short and I don’t have time for your thickheadedness. You ask me to prove that the community of Catholics, who are certainly now aware of the many children who were molested by pedophile priests, cared anything at all about these children. Your statement that Catholics don’t care about these poor children is unbelievable. And you want me to PROVE to you that they care? Common sense and a little research would show you that the Catholic Community cares greatly about this huge betrayal of them and their children by the Catholic Church.
            Now, if you said the hierarchy of the Church doesn’t care, I would have to say that you have a point: at least about some of them simply shuffled these priests to other parishes. But your insistence that Catholics, themselves, do not care is simply the height of idiocy and so shockingly callous..
            Please don’t bother to reply. Like I said, life and time is precious and I have already wasted too much time on you.

          • neil allen

            You will have eternity, before God, to show what you did to help the victims. That is what matters.


      In a broader sense I think of it as self determination in 1’s own life as long as I harm nobody else.

  • dtschuck

    Theological terrorists. I wish they were half as concerned about pedophilia as they are birth control.

    • Rdzkz

      Yeppers, they need to take care and control their own penises first. Castration a possibility.


        as pointed out in the comments of another article here they actuall did that in the past. up until a century ago some catholic choirboys were castrated as children to preserve their soprano voices and lived as “castrata”. the bitter irony is those who forced that upon children were themselves unmolested.

  • mueizzathecat

    Fuck off you don’t run MY LIFE..Prick.

  • CT14

    Why are bishops involved in law making at all?

    Why are they associating with hate groups?

    Why do they care about regulations for insurance companies coverage of basic health care?

    Catholics used to value an active faith in the face of temptation: it grants more grace than an unchallenged life. So it shouldn’t matter if birth control is handed out on street corners: it’s up to the individual to follow his/her conscience and not sin.

    Not only is this theocratic BS, it’s bad Catholic dogma.


      They’ll find their dogma ran over by karma sooner or later.

  • HeilMary1

    Pompous mother killer, coffee and holy wine are PROVEN abortifacients, and if you really believed your own putrid pedophile cult crap, you’d at least ban hundreds of natural abortifacients, including coffee and holy wine, for your own members. You’d also be attending “baby” tampon funerals every day. No pedophile cult has the right to force deadly incubating slavery on female employees, so get over yourself, MOTHER KILLER.


      call me a heathen caffienator then. If life ever becomes like that movie Demolition Man I’m leaving the planet.

  • colleen2

    SPLC is a darling of the radical left.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center documents and locates those most likely to commit hate crimes. I can see why the religious right would dislike them.

    • expect_resistance

      Because the right-wingers like Beck want to pay victims. (Rrrrrrrr) The Southern Poverty Law Center does great work. I strongly support what they do.

      “The Southern Poverty Law Center is a nonprofit civil rights organization dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry, and to seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of society.”

      (For anyone who wants to support their work they take donations. Google Southern Poverty Law Center for the url)


      yeah living free from harassment & dictatorial fanatics is such a radical idea ;P colour me radical then for wanting what the constitution allows for.

  • Tahoeprogressive

    Sounds like political activism from a religious organization which needs review from the IRS. Losing the church tax exempt status would teach other ‘churches’ that the US and the IRS is serious about not having 501(C)3 organizations engaged in political operations.

  • Law ‘n order

    There is a basic logic disconnect in the Catholic position. Corporations and other artificial persons ARE INCAPABLE OF HAVING A RELIGION. Consequently, freedom of religion can only apply to unincorporated employers.

  • expect_resistance

    And your point about Dr. Ben Carson is? So what if he’s black? He is still a conservative who has no interest in women having access to their civil right of bodily autonomy. He sees women as broodmares. Why would she quote someone who is a homophobic misogynist? That’s dumb.

    The RCC needs to stop whining about this. ACA is not forcing anyone to pay for other peoples abortions or contraception. The RCC doesn’t get to call all the shots. It doesn’t get to hold its breath until its face turns blue to get its way. Paul Ryan and other Catholics look like cranky toddlers who aren’t getting their way. In the U.S. we have a separation of church and state. We have freedom of and from religion. So please don’t force your religion down my throat and I won’t force mine down yours. While I respect religious freedom the RCC doesn’t get to deny my religious freedom or my civil right to bodily autonomy. Basically the RCC can’t force women to be their broodmares.

    Clearly you can’t read. The cite you refer states about Plan B, “Plan B One-Step is not the same as RU-486, which is an abortion pill. It does not cause a miscarriage or abortion. In other words, it does not stop development of a fetus once the fertilized egg implants in the uterus. So it will not work if you are already pregnant when you take it.” PLAN B IS NOT THE SAME AS RU-486.

  • dballance

    If the US Catholic Bishops want to dictate THEIR brand of religion on others then they need to start paying to be at the party. Take away their damned tax-free status if they want to influence policy and make statements that shutting down the government and default are okay if it allows them to force their religion on others.

    BTW, as has been pointed out over and over, it DOES NOT infringe on their ability to practice their religion. They don’t have to use birth control if they don’t want. They ARE Infringing on my freedom from religion though by trying to ban birth control.

    • expect_resistance

      “BTW, as has been pointed out over and over, it DOES NOT infringe on their ability to practice their religion. They don’t have to use birth control if they don’t want. They ARE Infringing on my freedom from religion though by trying to ban birth control.”

      Exactly! No one is forcing them to use birth control. Its interesting that they think Catholic women don’t use birth control or have abortions. The USCCB is detached from reality. I grew up Catholic and know for certain that Catholic women used birth control and had abortions just like everyone else.

  • Nicko Thime

    The idea that women are free from the reproductive cycle is THE single most fear inspiring thought in their world.
    They will do whatever it takes to maintain the male dominance this threatens.

  • Imsloan68

    Paul Ryan also claims that being touched by his childhood priest was “really not that bad”

  • erin805

    I seem to recall that the Catholic bishops previously sent Ryan a letter criticizing him for his economic views and proposed budget cuts that would hurt the poor, etc., since that did not match the teaching of Catholic doctrine. Maybe that’s why Ryan stopped mentioning his “makers/takers,” Ayn Rand (his herioine) economic philosophy during the Romney campaign. Ryan , the Catholic Church, and these “Values???” voters have no right to impose their theology on the whole nation.


      Problem is these very same people want a theocracy, their word for a religious dictatorship.

  • Arekushieru

    Um, have you never SEEN the Vatican? Oi.

  • HyperSpiral

    Friendly reminder: no one is asking for free birth control. They are asking that the private health insurance plans, that they pay for with their money or earn in exchange for doing their jobs, cover birth control.

    • Arekushieru

      Well, I wouldn’t mind if people got free birth control, but, yes, you’re right. That is NOT what is under discussion, HERE.

  • Arekushieru

    Nope, the only reason your ilk , and your ilk ALONE, is labeled radical right, is because it IS. The radical right supports policies that CONTRADICT each other, after all. You support higher teen rates of unplanned pregnancy and, therefore, abortion (through opposition to birth control and comprehensive sex ed and slashing funds to income support), all the while claiming that you only want to SAYYYAAYYAYYVE the BAYYYYBBEEEZZZ. Liberals, in the main, don’t do that, at least not publicly. You support BIGGER government (by making abortion illegal and attempting to impose a single religious belief on everyone else) all the while claiming to want SMALLER government. Let me repeat, there is no faction of Liberals that claims to want the opposite then does something to undermine it, at least not publicly.

    Hmm, AS a Christian, I’ve seen MORE moderate Muslims than even ‘tolerable’ Christians, lately. Wonder why that is? Could it POSSIBLY have to do with the systematic campaign by religious Christian Conservaturds such as yourself to create an untenable situation in other countries like *cough*Afghanistan*cough *cough*Iran*cough* *cough*Iraq*cough* *cough*etc…*cough*, then turn around and blame them for using whatever means were necessary to rectify that??? Yeah, your ilk is nothing but a bunch of vile, victim-blamers.

    Or, take the case of Henry Morgentaler (may he RIP). A JEW who experienced the Holocaust yet dedicated his LIFE to supporting women by providing them with safe and necessary abortions. Wonder why so few of the right attribute anything to HIM? Oh, that’s right, because it would ACTUALLY take away from their comparisons of the Holocaust to abortion. While someone like Dr. Carson being black would NOT take away from our position. That he is black is irrelevant. That he is MALE is not. Since the issue concerns birth control, and it is something HE, as a MALE, will never have to fear the consequences of, if it fails. OOPS.

    Or, take the case of Margaret Sanger. SHE grew up in a two parent family. SHE was educated. However her home life was FAR from ideal. Her MOTHER died from constant pregnancies, while her FATHER barely played a role in her or her mother’s life. THIS is the two-parent family YOUR ilk would have us return to, NOT Carson’s. In fact, you already have impoverished families doing just that, in circumstances that were PREVIOUSLY much worse than Carson’s OR Sanger’s. Can’t your people just TASTE the IRONY???

    Besides, if Carson had a public school education, he WAS supported by the Government. OOOOPPPSS.

    And, sorry, but the Christian Right does more to undermine intact two-parent families than anyone else COMBINED. After all, forcing abused wives to stay with their abusive husbands, because it’s the wife’s DUTY, does not an intact household make. Etc… etc… etc…. So fucking sorry.

    Sorry, but the Constitution is clear. Discrimination is NOT permitted on the basis of GENDER, SEX, LEVEL OF INCOME, etc…. Denying women coverage for abortions, contraception, abortifacients whilst ALL men are permitted coverage for any and ALL medical treatments, condoms and medications for erectile dysfunction AND infertility causing drugs, under the sun, IS fucking discriminatory. Women, after all, deserve the right to bodily autonomy just as anyone else has, they deserve the right to medical privacy just as anyone else has, impoverished women deserve the right to control their fertility just as anyone else may do AND women deserve to be treated as human beings not just as incubators just as anyone else is.

    Sorry, but the Constitution is CLEAR, freedom of (meaning freedom TO practice and freedom FROM practicing) religion is a mainstay of your country’s operation. Since your ilk never openly disputes that the freedom from practicing religion is an individual right, why do you always dispute that freedom TO practice religion is? After all, when the Bishops claim that people of FAITH should not be FORCED to pay for contraception, etc… they are clearly distinguishing GROUPS of faith from the rest of the population, NOT individuals. And you wonder why we call you misogynistic hypocrites?

    Finally, if there is only one option, there is no CHOICE. The ONLY people who would offer ‘unfettered abortion’ are, therefore, people who are JUST AS ANTI-CHOICE as YOU. And, no, we revile people who insist on the ‘choice’ to be intolerant of others. To not revile you, would make us JUST AS INTOLERANT AS YOU.


      To the fanatics of the right wing “we the people” means old white men in cheap suits & expensive watches driving cadillacs.

      • Arekushieru

        And would, therefore, eliminate people like Carson. Oops. Now, if he had been talking about Ms. King, MLK Junior’s niece, he might (but only MIGHT) have made a point.


          Despite him not being caucasian is a difference that’s only skin deep. He’s otherwise no different. What irritates me most about him is him hiding behind his status as a surgeon to spew absurdaties. Really he’s closer to Bernie Madoff in that respect than he is to any religious figure.

  • The_Magic_M

    Imagine the outrage if any Muslim group tried something even remotely similar through Democratic Party channels. People like Pam Gellar would scream themselves deaf over “Islamist Supremacy”.


      yes the same fanatics who scream “islamofascist” yet practice christian fascism & force it on others.

  • colleen2

    Dr Ben is a pompous asshole who thinks “the women” need to be “reeducated” about our reproductive rights. Some folks are going to be reeducated but it won’t be “the women”.
    ‘The women” are human being too and we also have rights of conscience and the right to choose our own beliefs. Dr Ben is just another bigoted misogynistic asshole. That’s why Fox news hired him.


    Ben carson is famous for only 1 thing, being a right wing fanatic. Theres a good reason he’s never seen interviewed or asked to aid in the front lines of anything health related. Despite his skill as a neurosurgeon he really isn’t that remarkable.


    cause its real and much easier to spot than UFO’s or bigfoot (no offense to either btw)

  • Jennifer Starr

    Ben Carson is an ass. End of story.

  • bluevistas

    single payer would have avoided those kinds of issues.

  • BJ Survivor

    Phil, the ACA covers contraception, not abortion (don’t I wish!). Contraception is not abortion. Both are birth control, yes, because they prevent birth from happening. However, contraception prevents pregnancy, while abortion terminates a pregnancy. There is a huge difference.

  • Clarisse73

    How did you get from talking about contraceptives to talking about abortion? And, frankly, I don’t quite recall the bishops getting into this much of a tizzy when the Catholic Church was shipping pedophile priests from one parish to another, allowing them to prey on even more children. Let me just put it to you this way: the Church has no right to prevent women from having access to contraception through their own health care. It is none of their damn business. Churches and “people of faith” need to keep their noses out of a woman’s private business for a change.
    As for Dr Ben Carson, I do admire him as a brilliant and world famous neurosurgeon who has saved the lives of many. However,that does not mean he cannot sound like an ignorant fool when he strays outside his area of expertise. To state that Obamacare ” is the worst thing since slavery” shows an insensitivity and cloddishness that is hard to take from such a brilliant surgeon.
    And why is it that, if a well-educated conservative Black man is criticized by the left, it can’t be just because he said something offensive? No, it has to be that “it’s not good for the left to learn a black child does better in an intact 2 parent home without government help.” You are ridiculous, almost as ridiculous as Dr Carson’s comments about Obamacare.


    Condoms on those perps heads would be effective in 1 thing: preventing from spreading their vitriol even further. I’m wondering if they’re basing their plans on george orwell more than religion

  • Amanda Kazarian

    I don’t want to pay for other peoples bad choices either, but guess what, life is hard.

  • Bookthief

    I guess my comment isn’t printable because of a link. I was stating a Catholic hospital refused to recognize two 7 month old fetuses as people when they (and their mother) died in the hospital’s care.