• fiona64

    I really think that this *secular* government needs to stop kowtowing to the Religious Reich.

    • L-dan

      I agree. I’m waiting for a Satanist-owned workplace to sue about OSHA regs that are against their religion to really play up how stupid this is.

  • Shan

    I may be crazy or clueless, but here’s an idea: Everyone who is employed by an organization with an issue with contraception should be able to drop the insurance coverage and have their wages increased – tax free – by the cost of their employer’s contribution to the plan. They can then use that additional money to purchase health insurance that DOES cover contraception on one of the exchanges.

    According to a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the *average* employer contribution per employee in 2013 was $11,786. I just went on the Healthcare.gov exchange and found two zero-deductible PLATINUM plans with maximum $2300 out-of-pocket I could enroll in for $9684 a year for myself and my two kids.

    Am I getting something wrong here? The ACA says we *have* to purchase health insurance and our employers *have* to offer it. Why do we *have* to take our employer’s religiously-infected plans, then? That health insurance is supposed to be part of our remuneration. Why not just give it to us directly like they do the rest of our wages? What are these employers gaining by “paying” us in health insurance instead of actual cash money?

    • Megan

      This is a great idea. In the past, though, some people were uninsurable on individual plans but could get insurance through an employer’s group plan. But the ACA eliminates that problem, too, right?

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