• purrtriarchy

    Fetuses will only ever be legal persons, not natural persons, according to the US constitution. And all natural persons are BORN.

  • https://twitter.com/MetroIssues Metro Issues

    Suggesting that a fetus is a ‘person’ at _any_ stage of development is simply scientifically unsound. For example, before sentience or before viability, do you have a person? Also, there is no scientific or political consensus on when personhood begins, and we’re not even close to that consensus occurring.

  • Arachne646

    There’s no medical evidence to suggest that use of cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana of course, or other illegal drugs, have any negative effect on fetal development or on labour and delivery; poverty and lack of prenatal care aside. We all know that alcohol causes Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Everyone in the DA’s office probably goes out for Happy Hour, though, and they don’t do a pregnancy test first–the most damage is done by chemicals before most women even know they’re pregnant. Smoking tobacco while pregnant is statistically known to decrease birth weight, and so is eating too little–that’s child endangerment, since if baby is born early, every ounce more counts. Will we have a maternity safety officer stationed at every delivery room and patrolling the prenatal clinics, as we have school safety officers now in the school-to-prison pipeline?

  • wizewiccan

    Am I seeing a real time version of “The Handmaid’s Tale?”

  • blfdjlj

    George Wallace would be proud of this. His legacy continues.

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