• Horation_Tobias_HumpleDinK

    Interesting and great piece, thing is. If this passes, it just opens the door for all religions to make decisions if they a private company. Doubt any Christians would be for that.

  • http://gloverman.blogspot.com/ The_Gloves_Are_Off

    If you think the coordinate like this on legal cases, how much do you think they coordinate with political campaigns?

    • Ramanusia

      According to all the known information on ALEC, they coordinate legislation by literally submitting whatever that group dictates in the state legislatures where people do stuff without the populace having any idea what’s going on. They can’t fight it on the federal level, but not enough eyeballs are on the states.

  • Snarki, child of Loki

    Solid evidence of the fine old crime of Barratry.

  • Jack Levitt

    I’ve never seen a story about social justice crusaders forum shopping or the invisible hand of George Soros explained in such great detail.

    • Ramanusia

      Perhaps there’s a reason for that? You’re not on a fiction site after all.

  • wildthang

    Ok, if they get away with it then companies with a religious abhorrence to war should be able to withhold taxes on their part and that of their employees. Not wanting to be a party to war and especially wars based on bald faced lies.

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