• disqus_3PpI2W1DX9

    Wow..and you left out the defeat of staunch anti-Choice GOPTP candidate for governor Ken “The Cooch” Cuccinelli and the defeat GOPTP candidate for Lt. Governor AND the defeat of the GOPTO candidate for AG. If those were not great Pro-Choice moves by the women of Virginia who broke for the Dem/ProChoice candidate by double digits, then I guess I’m really confused…

  • Marlowe53

    Obama is not and never has been a particular fan of abortion. I think that should be clear to everyone today when his first woman nominee, a Catholic, allowed a non-profit run by nuns which exists on government Medicaid payments and employs thousands of people who are not Catholic, to avoid providing contraceptive coverage to its employees. In doing that, Sotomayor is indicating that she does not believe that the contraception mandate will survive a challenge to the full US Supreme Court. Somehow, I don’t think that Jewish Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would have ruled the same way.

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