• fiona64

    How many bites at the apple to these idiots think they should be permitted to take?

    • BlueTigress

      All of them.

  • jruwaldt

    Actually, it’s the Raleigh News & Observer. The Charlotte paper is the Charlotte Observer.

  • BigSofty

    You keep voting them into office, and they will keep bending you over!

  • nettwench14

    Who in a democracy finds these tactics acceptable? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. How much longer can these people BLATANTLY FLOUT the will of the people? Is it anything goes because they dislike Obama and/or Obamacare? Are they trying to get even by screwing the rest of us, especially women? What I do know is that 30 years ago, Republicans would not have thought of doing such things. They were willing to be rational when it came to women’s health. Republicans are just a bunch of wusses that let themselves be cowed by a small group of religious bullies they used to have contempt for.

  • BlueTigress

    Ow, my brain!

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