• edgery

    Ok, I’m confused. The way I read this is that RtL is suing because they consider the mandate to violate their religious belief against abortions (I don’t agree with this interpretation of Christian principles but whatever). They *incorrectly* believe that emergency contraceptives cause abortions *and* base that incorrect understanding of scientific fact on their religion. So, are they arguing that their religion demands that they ignore science? Did they provide a biblical cite on that? Because I can’t find that one in my version.

    • fiona64

      “I don’t know the verse, but I know it’s in there somewhere.” /typical anti-choice response when confronted with stuff like this.

      Alternately? “I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere in Jeremiah.”

      • CJ99

        They just won’t admit its in the tooth fairies autobiography volume 87 page 2832.

    • xuinkrbin

      The Supreme Court has long held the belief in question need not be (1) accurate nor (2) part of a documented/structured system of belief or organized religion in order to qualify as an exercise of religion. For purposes of Religious Freedom Restoration Act, an articulated and sincerely held belief is sufficient to qualify.

      • cjvg

        My sincerely held religious belief is that it is a grave sin to create and birth children who are not wanted!

        I would like my sincerely held religious belief on the fact that every life MUST be created and birthed into a wanted environment, honored and respected by all my employees.
        Therefore I am justified in mandating contraception as well as abortions for all my employees who become pregnant without the specific intent to do so!!!!

        • JamieHaman

          Stealing this. All three paragraphs. Will give credit when posting. Thank you.

          • cjvg

            I’m perfectly fine with you using it as needed.
            Don’t worry about credit, I’m not a writer and as such have no need to protect my personal musings.

      • HeilMary1

        Even if that cult belief mandates criminal Munchausen by Proxy medical malpractice, deadly womb trafficking, matricide, and priest pedophilia??

      • L-dan

        The sincerely held beliefs of Christian Scientists and other cults who believe they can just pray away terminal diseases have not stopped parents from being convicted of neglect, murder, manslaughter, etc. when those beliefs have endangered or killed their children. We allow people to harm themselves or opt out of certain things due to sincerely held beliefs, but usually draw the line when it begins to harm others.

        Refusing to follow laws that are setting a baseline for health care is about on par with refusing to follow basic OSHA regulations because they interfere with one’s religious practice. Or, for that matter, requiring your employees to join you in religious observance.

        It’s really a horrible precedent to set. There’s no reason to even have workplace laws if a sincerely held religious belief trumps any of them. I expect Libertarianism to be recoded as a religion before long if that takes hold.

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