• mlechman

    “Previously, they have railed against reproductive health services at every opportunity”

    So they shouldn’t be allowed to participate? Simply because you don’t agree with or understand their perspective?

    • HeilMary1

      Child-raping mother killers who support genocidal dictators should have no say in denying UN reproductive health care to women. The criminal Munchausen by Proxy Vatican steals and traffics women’s wombs on behalf of spoiled pedophile priests. There is nothing moral in the Vatican’s extortion, so why would you defend and indulge this atrocity?

    • Brian

      Are you purposely ignoring the rest of the article or are you incapable of keeping more than one point in head? It is clear, even from just skimming this piece, that the problem with the Holy See’s role at the UN is not its point of view, it’s the fact that it is not a country. It should have the same right to participate as any other non-governmental organization.

    • Amanda Kazarian

      Yup, the Catholic church has no right to participate in my life. They cannot make any decisions for me or affect my lifestyle choices in anyway. Tough.

    • colleen

      Most women are not Catholic. As long as religion is a voluntary belief system we will remain non-Catholics. Why should a religion that has demonstrated centuries of overt hostility towards women, a religion that proudly excludes women from ‘participation’ and yet tells all women our true purpose and nature and social VALUE is limited to our reproductive capacities, a religion that responds to legitimate concerns about overpopulation with vicious denial, why should a religion that treats women like garbage be allowed to try to force us to live and die according to your beliefs?

    • osiote

      Because they want to enslave women, asshole.

  • Rabbi Dennis S. Ross

    Thanks so much for these words! i too believe in religious liberty and want all religions treated equally!

    • phillip howel

      Rabbi pray, pray hard you never find yourself in and Islamic nation. What power other than words does the Vatican have?

      • colleen

        Ohhh, feel the Christian Love!

  • phillip howel

    Magdalena wrote ” It [the Vatican] works mainly through the General Assembly, but also at international conferences—where the Holy See has access that other religions do not.” Really? Every Arab nation and Indonesia are Islamic governments, their nations exist under Islamic law and rule. Those Islamic nations have a full vote, vote on human rights resolutions. Magdalena, aren’t you aware of how dissident’s are treated under Islam, that women are subjected from birth to men, a women procuring an abortion is stoned to death, gay men are hung in the public square, beatings of wives are permitted IF they do not leave bruises? Forbes recently published a BBC story about a Norwegian woman who was sentenced to jail after she was raped….. What ability to punish or harm does the Vatican have?

    • HeilMary1

      Your dreaded Islamic nations are merely copying Inquisition and Nazi Catholic Ustasha punishments of “sinners”. If creeps like you get their way, your Teabangenital GOP will impose similar punishments here and you know it.

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