‘Shame, Shame’: North Carolina Sharia Law Bill With Abortion Restrictions Passes State Senate

The “Family, Faith, and Freedom Protection Act” passed the North Carolina senate Wednesday in a 29-12 vote, adding North Carolina to the list of states that have in recent weeks circumvented the traditional legislative process to push through sweeping anti-abortion bills. As passed, HB 695, which was ostensibly written to protect citizens from “foreign law,” includes restrictions on insurance coverage for abortion, licensing and admitting privileges for clinics and doctors, protocol for administering medication abortions, and sex-selective abortions.

The anti-abortion amendments in the bill were announced during a Tuesday evening session, to the surprise of most reproductive rights supporters in the state, though some of the bill’s supporters were reportedly told ahead of time. That procedural short-cut is what most riled opponents of the bill. “Anti-choice advocates clearly had more notice of this hearing than your own colleagues” in the state legislature, said state Sen. Ben Clark (D-Cumberland), addressing North Carolina Republicans on the senate floor Wednesday. Clark noted that anti-choice groups such as the Family Policy Council and North Carolina Values Coalition were present in the chamber for the committee hearing, despite Democratic lawmakers not receiving word of the new bill. “You can dress it up however you want, but this bill and the process that got it here is not worthy of this body.”

If signed into law, the new requirements for licensing clinics as ambulatory surgical centers are likely to severely restrict access to safe abortion care in the state. Of the 36 North Carolina abortion providers, only one currently meets the standards that would apply under the bill. According to bill supporters, that’s evidence that the regulations are necessary to protect women’s health. State Sen. Ralph Hise (R-Mitchell) said that without the restrictions, providers would continue to “work on an assembly line of procedures as they produce death.”

Opponents of the bill attempted to add three amendments, among them an amendment that would require patients taking erectile dysfunction medication to do so in the presence of a doctor, and another that would require a patient to wait 24 hours and watch a video before taking such drugs. Both “Viagra amendments” were quickly voted down with no debate.

Although Republicans tried to push the bill through quickly, a crowd of nearly 600 activists arrived at the capitol for Wednesday’s debate, most with less than 12 hours’ notice. Many filled the gallery, where they were told they must sit in complete silence and that any distraction would result in them being ejected or the full gallery being cleared. The audience was chastised once for laughing, once for clapping, and a final time for silently waving their hands in approval. “The legislators are your voice on the matter,” the state’s lieutenant governor warned them from the floor.

Still, the crowd held their tongues (and their hands) throughout the majority of the two-hour debate. But once the vote was cast and the session adjourned, they chanted “shame, shame” at the lawmakers as they were escorted out of the building to where the rest of the bill’s opponents were gathered.

HB 695 still requires house approval, but it is considered likely to pass, and will then proceed to the governor for signature. During his gubernatorial campaign, Republican Gov. Pat McCrory said he would not sign any abortion restrictions or other anti-choice legislation into law if he was elected. However, McCrory has recently appeared to break that promise, if not in word than in spirit; he supported a bill that would require educators to teach that abortion causes pre-term birth in subsequent pregnancies (despite agreement among major medical groups that this is not true), calling it an “education” bill rather than an anti-abortion bill to justify his support.

However, his statements regarding HB 695 suggest he may at least consider a veto because of the backdoor path the bill has taken to get to his desk. “It was not right then, and it is not right now,” Gov. McCrory told the Associated Press after the senate vote. “Regardless of what party is in charge or what important issue is being discussed, the process must be appropriate and thorough.”

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  • http://www.kizi10.info/ Kizi 10

    ‘Shame, Shame’

  • Sue57

    church and state has been violated.

  • fiona64

    Seems these folks are unacquainted with the 1st Amendment. Shame indeed.

  • http://www.yepi10.net/ yepi 10

    wow! i thik need have control, thing really not good

  • Henk_sg

    All this craziness in the south has lead me to the conclusion that its true what they say, its not the heat, its the humidity that makes you insane.

  • SK Turner

    Wow at the racist stupidity of some of these comments. church and state. I am still looking for the religion in this article. Guess it was my substandard Southern college degrees that made me miss that one. I was looking for the information on Sharia law, a much bigger problem than the correct and safe means of murdering humans because their parents are to obsessed with their reproductive rights to give them a chance at a life.yep freedom of speech is not something we Southerners exercise often….crickets….We are mostly to occupied with really insane things like staving off race wars instigated by the Department of Justice. That heat and humidity tends to keep the really Stupid zombies from the north away. So thats a good thing. We don’t need or want their advice and their racist agenda in our peaceful little burgs and one horse towns. We really dont want the murders from Obama’s hometown…what ever his lie machine says it is this month, right now it is the Wendy City. a town that braggs it has the strictest gun laws in the nation and their 64 gun murders over the 4th of July holiday. Oh and Detroit RIP from a century of Democrats and criminals, with a mind numb populace still greedily demanding their Constitutional right to free stuff while the home of Motown is dying the result of their Nanny State gimme lifestyle. Can we say bankrupt and beyond recovery? Yep we shameful Southerners gonna sit on our front porches and bitterly cling to our guns. We promise we will not take to many pot shots at you but you know we are so slow and not very smart so “i thik need have control, thing really not good” when we start using our horaded ammo to take out people who offer unrequested racist opinions or make the mistake of treading on us. Shame shame indeed.

    • penis nose

      There was no racism in the comments until you started pretending that your race is a victim when it holds racial and religious majority in the senate and congress. Need I remind you that the lower South is infamous for denying the rights of Americans through use of racism and sexism even to this day? Examples could be that southern politician, Valarie Hodges’, discriminating against American private schools that were Muslim by denying them money which was freely given to Christian schools or that “rape doesn’t really cause pregnancy” comment during the Republican convention. If being fucked-in-the-head was a competition, I’d think you with your white people agenda and your pro-white politicians have 1st place secured.

    • Arekushieru

      Wow, they weren’t expressing racist opinions. They were remarking on the subject with their limited English. Commenting on their/his/her/hir opinions like YOU did, IS fucking racist.

      When you hypocrites cling to your guns, but claim the right to life of the fetus, you show that you don’t think abortion is murder. You reveal that you simply want to control women’s bodies. After all, someone who assaults your person or property is DOING THE FUCKING EXACT SAME THING THAT A FETUS IS during an unwanted pregnancy. Yet, for some reason, you claim that THEY have a right to life, while those whom you shoot do not. One rule for women, another rule for yourselves? What do you THINK that is, you ignorant ASS? MISOGYNY.

      Do you drive on roads? (Do you own property?) if so, you pay property taxes. Do your children go to school? Do you receive health care? ALL of that is due to what you so derisively called the Nanny State. WHOOPS. Guess what, your GOP BENEFITS from the very same Nanny State that you, AND THEY, hold in such derision. Can you say, H.Y.P.O.C.R.I.T.E.S??? Besides that, trying to control women’s bodies by making abortion illegal IS trying to implement a Nanny State. Oh, the IGNORANCE, it BURNS.

      Maybe those 64 gun murders would have been even worse if it was perpetrated in one of the states with the LEAST restrictive gun laws. Or, maybe, those murders were perpetrated BY gun owners such as yourself. OR, maybe, those murders would have been EXACERBATED if the gun laws had NOT been so restrictive. Please, think rationally, for ONCE.

      Sharia law. It’s funny that Tea Partiers tend to be Islamophobic, yet, at the same time, want to impose a similar style law on Western Women. You DO realize that abortion is illegal in those countries where Sharia law reigns, after all, right? So, HOW is it SO fucking difficult for your ilk to realize you are the ones aligning yourselves with something you hate, then, in turn, to make the decision to turn away from such wrongheaded moves? No WONDER people question your intelligence so vigorously.

      Free speech means you can do or say anything you please. It does NOT mean that you are entitled (hey, I thought you guys didn’t LIKE Nanny States? WHOOPS?) to a venue or forum in which to MAKE those comments (to which the rich, white male, which includes Southerners like yourself, IS so often privileged), especially when it falls outside the purview of Government (because, you see, free speech only applies with respect to GOVERNMENT being prevented from making laws to restrict citizen’s freedom of speech). So, let’s see, freedom of speech is a Nanny State for corporations and the rich (oh, but I forgot, you don’t mind when Nanny States benefit the privileged, only when it *might* benefit the marginalized – see above – ). The privileged have more access to venues and forums (due to a Government flaw that protects the venues and forums in which the freedom of speech is exercised, along WITH the freedom, itself) to which they can exercise their freedom of speech, thereby LIMITING other people’s access to similar venues and forums, thereby MARGINALIZING other forms of speech, thereby LIMITING the freedom of speech of the marginalized (hmm, guess we are right, after all, your ilk doesn’t SUPPORT freedom of speech, you OPPOSE it). And, finally, if you WANT to rid yourself of the Nanny State, you would have to ERASE the ability to exercise freedom of speech. What hypocrites you are.

      Abortion isn’t murder. To qualify as murder, it would have to be ILLEGAL. It’s not. It would have to be killing. It’s not (killing = cause of death. A fetus dies due to INCOMPATIBILITY with life upon separation from the uterus. Meaning it dies from lack of BRAIN FUNCTION. NOT termination of the implantation of the fetal placenta into the uterus. DERP). It would have to be done with malice. It’s not. (Women actually make the decision to terminate because they don’t want the POTENTIAL child to SUFFER.) It would have to be done with aforethought. It’s not. (If you equate terminating a pregnancy with intent, you will have to explain how accidents of biology, such as a uterus being a female organ or a woman’s inability to control her reproduction, as evidenced by her need for contraceptives to aid in PREVENTING – *not* controlling the timing of – pregnancy, can be equated with intent ELSEWHERE. They can’t. Again. Whoops, hypocrite?

      MORE women maintain rather than terminate their pregnancies. You can be Pro-Choice, and never terminate a pregnancy (like myself) AND you can be Pro-Choice and continue a pregnancy (like my mother). What distinguishes us from you, however, is your willingness to impose Sharia law on women, and FORCE them to continue their pregnancies. What distinguishes us, is a singular lack of compassion for women and PRETENSE of compassion for fetuses on your part, and actual compassion for women and the life the potential child may have once born on ours. Aww, are you saddened to hear what a sickening worldview you support, yet?

      Finally, Sharia law IS religious law. How is it that you cannot grasp the SIMPLE concept that introducing an amendment on abortion into a bill on RELIGIOUS law is NOT separation of church and state? Oi. The more I read from you, the more I wonder how you cannot POSSIBLY see why people consider your ilk lacking in intelligence?

      • Valde

        Great post Arek!

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    thank! very mean

  • sd_woodturner

    Ever wish republicans would put as much effort into jobs creation as they do into getting into women’s vaginas? The religious christian Taliban has set foot onto American soil. Entrench by ignorant bigotry and “my way or the highway” mentality. They have systematically developed political one purpose candidates for years to excrete their philosophy on us all. What is next?