North Carolina Governor to Sign Bill Forcing Educators to Teach That Abortion Is Cause of Pre-Term Birth

The campaign promise Republican Gov. Pat McCrory made to the voters of North Carolina—that he would not sign into law any bills regarding abortion—has already fallen to the wayside. The governor said late last week that he will sign SB 132, a new bill that will require health educators to teach seventh-grade students, incorrectly, that abortion is a cause of preterm birth.

Asked about the bill, which has been approved by both chambers of the legislature and requires one final (and inevitable) concurrence from the senate before heading to his desk for approval, Gov. McCrory said he intends to sign.

There is no major medical group in the country that claims abortion causes preterm birth in subsequent pregnancies.

Gov. McCrory argues that supporting the bill does not violate his pledge to not sign any anti-choice legislation into law, because SB 132 is, he says, an education bill, not an abortion restriction.

“The Governor made a promise in October not to support any restrictions on abortion in our state. By signing this bill, Governor McCrory will be going back on his campaign promise and sending a message that he can’t be trusted to stick to his word,” Suzanne Buckley, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina, said in a statement. “NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina and thousands of North Carolinians across the state are watching, and we will hold him accountable. The fact that this bill never made it to the Education Committee underscores the fact that this bill has nothing to do with education, and everything to do with an anti-choice political agenda. Any claim to the contrary is disingenuous.”

The final bill is expected to reach the governor’s desk this week.

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  • smexys_sidekick

    I’m speechless. As a parent I would certainly object to my child being taught incorrect information.

  • fiona64

    So, now we want teachers to lie to our kids about science?

    When did ignorance become something of which to be proud?

    • Nicholas Hylton

      Well… Mostly about biology. Twisting mathematics, physics and chemistry is harder to do – not that attempts have not been made.

    • liberaldem

      Apparently a majority of North Carolina voters don’t believe in science.

    • Dez

      Since the religious right took over the republican party.

      • fiona64

        Your point is well taken.

  • labman57

    Voters throughout the nation who foolishly allowed Republicans to control both the governorship and the state legislature are now experiencing a severe case of buyers’ remorse.

  • Marty

    When did ignorance become something of which to be proud? Quick answer…when the voters decided to trust the GOP. So now lie to kids, force Doctors to lie to patients, allow men all the little blue pills they want and deny women birth control, and this list goes on and on. Voters…WAKE UP!

  • Joyce Pettiford Manning

    The Republican party has stooped to a new low.

    • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher

      does not surprise me in the least the party of rapepublicans who are ignorant to the facts and try to force their beliefs on a public that in part are ignorant to the facts. Poor women of today, makes me glad im getting old and don’t have to worry about being made to have an unwanted baby or have one that might kill me or have one forced upon me by rape. Im glad that I had a surgery yrs ago to remove my female parts due to cancer,,, soon im sure they will outlaw that also

      • Diane Banning Stanley

        Maybe men should be arrested when they waste sperm. Wouldn’t that make them killers???

        • Dee

          I like that idea. Those little squiggly things should not be wasted babies Yes that makes them killers.

      • wolfendenpackleader

        Carol, your probably right. They will outlaw hysterectomies because of cancer because, who knows, you might just have another fetus in the future, even if this GOP government has to hire a rapist to rape and impregnate you, so then they can deny you an abortion and cancer drugs, as the cancer drugs might hurt the fetus, all the while they are destroying any safety nets you might need by being forced to carry their government induced rape pregnancy.

        Sounds far-fetched ? Don’t hold your breath. We women have been compared to livestock by the new Teabaggers who came into power in January 2011, next women will become full time breeders for the insane GOP if they have it their way. I fully expect any day now, fertile females across America will be confiscated to those FEMA camps built during Bush 2’s 8 years reign of incompetency. This way, they can control 100% of the breeders life until they are too old to make any more cannon fodder for the wars of the elite and big corporations.

        • HeilMary1

          Catholic hospitals are already refusing to do emergency hysterectomies on middle-aged women who “still have a couple years left for breeding for that special rapist”.

          • cjvg

            Very disturbing, but it did make me laugh.

          • wolfendenpackleader

            That is sick, Women can bleed to death in some cases when they have almost non-stop hemorrhaging like I did. The day they did my surgery, I went into the surgery room with a blood pressure of 37/20. But hey, this is America, women are expendable.

    • wolfendenpackleader

      really not a hard thing for them to achieve.

  • J Scott Todd

    Really this is nothing new! What they teach us in NC about history is a bunch of deceit and lies too, they never give us the full truth about anything. What do they think we are children?Would they rather keep us ignorant to the truth while everyone else advances around us!?? We need to think before we vote during the next elections people, stop being brainwashed by the Republican machine.

  • G. Mark

    Next, educators will be forced to teach what constitutes and the circumstances that surround “legitimate rape.”

    • fiona64

      Well, you know, in “legitimate rape,” the woman’s body “has a way of shutting that down.” /snark

  • Diane Banning Stanley

    What a jackass!!!

  • wolfendenpackleader

    the GOP has been trying to fore doctors and clinics to lie to women seeking an abortion, now let’s intimidate, guilt and scare the kids into carrying every pregnancy they have is really the same thing as controlling the sheeple. Indoctrination into the anti-abortion issue through lies and coercion.
    Nice move their GOP scumbaggers.

    • Dez

      They’re the Liars for Jesus party. Their actions are justified by the fact they think they are doing “god’s work.”

  • ziggypop

    And where is the AMA? Ans why are they not filing a law suit against this atrocity? This is North Carolina not 1930 Germany!!!

  • pvphoto

    It may be a bit difficult to enforce!

  • RealityCheck

    Studies show this to be accurate, look it up.

    • Bridgit Roeth

      Studies by who? The tea party?

      • HeilMary1

        No, silly! — studies by pedophile priests!

    • goatini

      No, there are NO studies that “show this to be accurate”. Screeching a lie does not make it the truth.

    • fiona64

      Then surely you can provide sources that demonstrate your position to be accurate?

      Oh, wait. You can’t. Because your position is inaccurate. It’s generally a mistake to say “look it up,” because you can be assured someone will. In this case, me. And, look what I found:http://miscarriage dot about dot com/od/riskfactors/f/abortion.htm (URL altered for moderatoin … change “dot” to periods).

      Quote (emphasis added):

      It’s hard to know. Some evidence suggests that elective abortion
      could mean increased risk of miscarriage in a future pregnancy, but no
      proof of a causal link
      in general. A few studies have found a general
      increased risk after one elective pregnancy termination, but most find
      increased risk of miscarriage only in women who have had multiple
      induced abortions.

      Studies also exist that have found no link between having an
      elective abortion and the risk of miscarriage in a future pregnancy.
      Some researchers have speculated that if there is an increased risk, the
      risk is likely to come not from the abortion but from other lifestyle
      factors that might be more common in women who have had an elective

      Further complicating the matter is the possibility that any
      theoretical risk comes only from the slight chance of scarring due to
      surgical abortions (such as abortions by D & C),
      as opposed to medically induced abortions, and that the latter may not
      increase risk at all. One large 2007 study examined 11,800 women and
      found that medically induced abortions did not cause an increase in the
      risk of future miscarriage or other pregnancy complications.

      So, yeah … you’re pretty much wrong there, buddy.

    • Nor

      Citations please.

  • UFDionysus

    Its ok to lie to children if it will save lives, or fetuses, or just because it’s fun. Hey, look, Santa Clause! I don’t know how effective this is going to be. If they wanted to stop abortions, they should have told them that abortions will make your butt get fat. Of course, eating McDonalds will actually make your butt get fat, and they’re doing quite a brisk business, as are sugary sodas. My lack of faith in human nature (or perhaps my insightful understanding of it) tells me that people would be more likely to avoid abortions, than to avoid McDonalds and sugary sodas if they heard abortions make your butt fat. I’d like to see the anti-choice people spread the rumor that it makes your butt fat, and then see pregnant people in McDonalds with their supersize fries and coke, talking about how they can’t have an abortion because it will make their butt fat.

    • HeilMary1

      LOL! They’re already trying that scare tactic lie with breast cancer.

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  • GymMom66

    Hopefully the science teachers can turn this into a teachable moment: I am required by law to teach you this … now, let’s talk about why this is bad science, and you shouldn’t believe it.

    • Morgan Sheridan

      If the teachers try that end run, they’ll end up being fired. There are a lot of “true believers” teaching science in our nation’s schools and lying for Christ, lying to uphold their churches ideologies, is just standard conduct these days.

  • kerryberger

    You simply cannot teach misinformation like this to kids. If we are going to legalize laws that allow for lies to be told about medical procedures then our nation is truly going down the toilet. North Carolinians need to remove this Governor and vote out its horrifying Legislature from office.

  • goatini

    Lozier, ahem, “Institute” is a forced-birth gestational slavery think tank. Or, to be factual, Lie Tank.

  • Nor

    Illegal abortion could, possibly. Legal abortion? No.

  • LittleMissMellaril

    And they call me crazy…

  • blsdaniel

    This is the problem with socialized education. I’m not talking socialized educational funding, but out and out socialized education where the publicly funded teachers are all state employees: it’s one size fits all.

    It might be worth once again considering making education more like Medicare: socializing the FUNDING without doing so to the actual provision of services. That is to say, vouchers.