Reproductive Health Options Are Running Low in the South

Rachel Maddow reports on an omnibus anti-abortion law signed by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Thursday that imposes restrictions on abortion providers. The law, HB 388, is expected to close nearly every clinic in the state. Reporting from RH Reality Check‘s Emily Crockett on judicial nominee Michael Boggs, who supported anti-choice legislation in his state of Georgia that like new legislation in Louisiana puts providers at risk by putting their information online, is shown at 1:46. [via MSBNC]

  • TheBrett

    That’s seriously dangerous. You take the poorest part of the country, then take away all public funding and even access to abortions unless they drive a ridiculously far distance, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Not that I’ll expect the idiots in charge down there to back-track – if having the highest teen and unwanted pregnancy rates in the country hasn’t made them move towards sensible sex education, having higher pregnancy and female death rates from lack of reliable abortion access probably isn’t going to make them move towards sensible abortion laws (especially if the victims are disproportionately black, since middle- and upper-middle class white women will go out of state or do self-abortions).

  • P. McCoy

    It must take the will of the voters to change things there.