‘Louie’ Episode Takes on Societal Shaming and Punishment of Fat Women

On Louie, an interaction between comic Louis C.K. and Vanessa shines a light on the systematic shaming and punishment of fat women, and the misogynistic implications that can be drawn about men’s “standards” of women’s physical appearance in dating. [via Jezebel]

  • gardensheila

    This was great!!! Louie was a disguised hater. I think women are so terrified of being fat that they also reject fat women. Nobody wants to be seen with a fat woman, including fat women. What disgust arises when people see two fat women together! I wish it was easier to get beyond this prejudice against fat women, but it is so pervasive and insidious. And now the disguised haters are going to come out of their hidey holes and say “it’s a health issue,” or “fat people are lazy and it’s the laziness we are disgusted by” and the undisguised haters will just do their thing and blatantly express their disgust that anyone dares to be seen while fat.