The Bible Is Pro-Choice

Most anti-choicers claim obedience to the divinely inspired word of God. This review of what the Bible has to say about abortion finds that it is ultimately very little, but nonetheless appears contradictory to the anti-choice stance. Clip taken from the March 28th edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show.

  • Steve67

    So if he is so that he is right (he’s not) and that he knows the bible better than Christians (he doesn’t) then why not have a member of the clergy to represent the opposing viewpoint? I mean he is 100% positive that he’s interpreting that correctly. It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that any Sunday School student could show how absurd what he is saying is could it??

    • Arekushieru

      Yeah, he does know the bible better than Christians who don’t actually practice what the bible preaches. This includes Pro-‘Life’ priests, bishops, popes, fathers, ministers, etc…. Because, he’s not only RIGHT (supported not only by the lack of passages that actually address abortion but also by the telling failures of each and every religious fundamentalists’ attempt to prove their claim that the bible DOES oppose abortion, especially supported by that last since you, yourself, put so much credence into presenting an opposing viewpoint and how that proves someone is right or wrong), but there are many Christians (such as myself) and theologians that AGREE with him And the way they opposed a life-saving abortion being performed on a nine-year old girl raped by her stepfather certainly shows how Pro-‘Life’ they are, doesn’t it? It’s been proven time and again that Pro-‘Life’ Christians are just cherry-pickers. A Sunday School student has just started to be indoctrinated by the masses, into the masses. The only reason they could show someone how ‘absurd’ they are being is because they would only be regurgitating what they’ve been taught by one of the most misogynistic and patriarchal institutions known to man, but they have not been taught how to think critically and examine alternate viewpoints. Oops.

      The fact that you oppose feminism shows how grateful I should be that I am not related or married to you, because you obviously believe that I deserve fewer rights than ALL OTHER humans, INCLUDING fetuses. BARF.

      • Steve67

        I need look no farther than the 10 commandments to show where the Bible addresses abortion. You shall not kill. And where has it been “proven” time and time again that pro-life Christians pick and choose?? Where is this comprehensive study? If you actually knew anything about the pro-life movement you would know that, at best your view of it is simplistic, but more likely, it is just plain wrong.

        But then again I am talking to someone who is apparently so deluded that you believe that from reading one comment I wrote that you are able to surmise where I come down on women’s rights and that I am some misogynist.

        The bible is not pro-abortion. Far from it. The host is deluded and so are you.

        • Dez

          LOL. Noah’s flood, the genocide of entire towns, and the killing of first born sons for example shows that the bible is a manual of death and destruction.

          • CJ99

            Noahs flood itself proves the bible isn’t at all realistic, genetic diversity itself would’ve doomed all life from a host of genetic disorders, never mind that Noah couldn’t have gotten all life from around the world on the ark & kept them all alive. Do I even need mention the fact that the whole story was lifted from earlier mythos entirely?

          • Dez

            Yea that’s why I don’t buy into it. It’s clearly a made up book of fantasy.

        • lady_black

          “You shall not kill.” And then proceed to a large list of offenses for which the penalty is death. Therefore, “Thou shall not kill” is probably a mistranslation which would be more properly stated as “Thou shall not MURDER.” Otherwise it makes no sense in context.

        • CJ99

          Yeah you’ve just proved yet again you know NOTHING of whats in the bible, not in any of its myriad of different and often contradictory editions. In all of the 10 commandments nowhere does it say
          “thou shalt not commit abortion”. And thats right up front, you never got that far you certainly have no real knowledge of what else is in there. If you did you’d know the whole book isn’t holy at all, or accurate in any way.

        • Arekushieru

          Uh, your profile is available for public viewing, dickhead. All I had to do was scroll down and find your comments that whined about feminism.

          Besides, you cannot be feminist and Pro-Life. To be Pro-Life makes you AUTOMATICALLY a misogynist. It makes you AUTOMATICALLY against women’s rights. Oops.

          So, I guess I was right. You ARE one of those who thinks that rehashing old arguments is the same as presenting new evidence. The ten commandments argument is one that has been presented by your ilk time and again, and proven wrong, TIME and AGAIN, just as my fellow Reality Check posters have done, below. Oops. Further to those comments, though, God, HIMSELF, has disobeyed His OWN commandments many a time, if you substitute the word ‘kill’ for murder. And if God IS the Father, then He is not doing a very good job of modelling the very behaviour HE commanded His creations to follow, now IS He?

          Nope, if anything, my perspective on Pro-Lifers is probably far more complex than anything they could ever ACTUALLY achieve.

          I never said the bible was Pro-Abortion. I said it was Pro-Choice. Pro-Abortion is just as anti-choice as you, after all. However, if you don’t think that the bible has some passages that come very *close* to being (which is nowhere NEAR to saying that it is *actually*, fyi,) Pro-Abortion, then you have just proven my point that you, AS a Pro-Lifer, ARE a cherry-picker. Read the passages, again, about causing a miscarriage in a woman who is suspected of adultery. Also, the SPECIFIC passage about a life for a life, an eye for an eye, is not only about JUST the woman, but it is ALSO about someone forcibly CAUSING an abortion. Which is the ANTITHESIS of Pro-CHOICE. Oops.

          Finally, the bible is Pro-Choice, and Pro-Lifers ARE cherry-pickers, because neither Jesus or God are misogynists. The men who wrote them are. But, unlike Jesus and God, each and every one of them are sinners. And the BIBLE tells us that. What about your claims that YOU are not a cherry-picker and that WE are delusional, again? Typical anti, typically proven wrong, typically, again.

        • Plum Dumpling

          The Bible is PRO abortion. Jehovah is a proabort. I am really tired of anuses like you telling me what you think is in the Bible.

          Hosea 1
          The word of the Lord that came to Hosea son of Beeri during the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, kings of Judah, and during the reign of Jeroboam son of Jehoash[a] king of Israel:

          Hosea 13:16
          The people of Samaria must bear their guilt,
          because they have rebelled against their God.
          They will fall by the sword;
          their little ones will be dashed to the ground,
          their pregnant women ripped open.”[a]

          Footnotes: Hosea 13:16 In Hebrew texts this verse (13:16) is numbered 14:1.

    • CJ99

      Christians don’t know the bible well at all has been demonstrated so many times to claim otherwise is absurd. The claim that the bible is “the inerrent word of god” is also been proven to be a lie many times. Not only is it contradictory its been altered many times in the last 2000+ years. If that were true there wouldn’t be hundreds of contradictory sects and just as many rewrites of the bible by the flying monkey squad. So until you can find a sunday school student who can prove anything from the bible as factual what you say is nothing more than a pig flying backwards out of your butt.

    • Plum Dumpling

      Jehovah is a proabort. Hosea 13:16. And the story of the Sotah in Numbers.

      Jehovah is PRO abortion used as a tool of genocidal war and civil control. If we are made in the image of God, we can kill children and have abortions at will according to the Bible.

      You do not read the Bible, I take it.

    • Plum Dumpling

      I was a member of the clergy before I retired. I agree that the Bible supports abortion.