Complaints About Abortion Protests Outside High Schools

In front of Eastern Hills High School in Fort Worth, Texas, as students head inside, a group of activists led by Jered Michael Ragon stand just steps away trying to preach their anti-choice message.

  • Melinda Hampton

    People should know the truth about abortion and all sex ed and their parents should teach it to them.

    Not some random guy on the sidewalk.

    • lady_black

      Some parents have nothing to teach but their own ignorance. Therefore, that’s what gets taught (if anything). The result is institutionalized ignorance about sexual matters. This could be solved within a generation, by the teaching of sexual matters in classrooms, done by qualified educators or nurses. You wouldn’t neglect teaching children about brushing their teeth and washing their hands to prevent disease. Why would you neglect teaching them how to protect themselves sexually? The topic is far more complicated, and should be spread over the educational process. Topics such as boundary issues, sexual identity issues, biology, contraception and disease prevention need to be included.

    • Jennifer Starr

      Why not a qualified teacher or a medical professional?

      • CocksackieBJ

        Do you take any responsibility for how your kids are raised and what they know? Or do you just expect the state to take care of everything?

        • Jennifer Starr

          Is there any good reason why a qualified teacher shouldn’t teach this subject just like any other school subject?

        • Arekushieru

          Do you take any responsibility for how your kids aren’t raised and what they don’t know? Or do you just expect them to take the blame for everything?

        • lady_black

          I sent my kids to school, I expect them to be educated. By the way, we ARE “the state” and we pay taxes for this shit. I’m the exception that could educate my kids on sexual matters. Every parent doesn’t fit this description. You don’t have to be particularly smart or educated to give birth, or inseminate someone. By saying “parents should do this and not schools” you are saying “I like institutionalized sexual ignorance.” So tell us, how is that working for you?

    • Jennifer Starr

      Also? He’s harassing those students. He’s not educated or qualified to teach squat.