Nurses Explain the Affordable Care Act in 90 Seconds

Wondering what the Affordable Care Act can do for you and your family? Check out what nurses have to say about the benefits of the health-care law and then share this video with friends, family, and co-workers! ( is a joint campaign of SEIU, the Nurse Alliance of SEIU and 1199SEIU.)

  • willardcottrell

    How were these mere mortals able to concisely describe the “so very complicated, 500 page law”, that republicans can’t seem to understand? It’s a miracle I tell you!

    Oh wait, I forgot, republicans are mental midgets with 2nd grade reading and comprehensive skills. However, they do know a scandal when they invent it.

    • Kevin Schmidt

      Nothing happens in Washington without bipartisan support from both corporate parties. The Democrats and the Republicans both bow deeply to their global imperialist elite masters. So whatever you say about the Republicans, applies equally to the Democrats as well. The duopoly is the One we haven’t been waiting for.

  • Francoise Dunefsky

    Well done.But I was surprised that mental health parity was omitted from this presentation.