‘When the Patient Knows It’s the Right Answer for Her, Then I Want to Be Here for Her’

Dr. Leroy Carhart, an abortion provider based in Wichita, Kansas, speaks about his views on abortion for a 2009 CNN profile: “I’m not ‘pro-abortion,’ that’s the very one clear thing I want you to understand. Abortion is not the right answer for every pregnancy. And it’s not the right answer for every flawed pregnancy, and it’s not the right answer for every rape and incest patient. But when the patient knows it’s the right answer for her, then I want to be here for her.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/alfonso.taboadaportal Alfonso Taboada Portal

    Dr. Leroy Carhart abortions perpetrate boasts of 33-36 weeks, Kermit Gosnell has been convicted of killing a fetus at 30 weeks of gestation: “as big as a bus.”

    • http://twitter.com/JenGStarr Jennifer Starr

      What Carhart does is in no way comparable to what Gosnell did. And I suspect you know that.

    • Dez

      So women should not be allowed to decide their own health care decsions and have a doctor respect that?

    • tuibguy

      Gosnell is a butcher because safe abortions are hard to get and women think that they have no good options. Thanks to the “pro-life” people, women die.

  • somebodiesbizness

    My Mom was RHneg and my Dad was RHpos, I was her last child (O positive) in 1955 and she had several D&C’s performed throughout her childbearing years before I came to be. Those D&C’s, now lumped semantically as ‘abortion’ saved her life several times over. Medically, her condition is no longer the problem it was years ago, but then it was a life threatening problem for thousands of women and thier families. Only ingnorant people do not understand this, the really, really ignorant blatantly refuse it’s reality and then their is the seriously dangerous who profess thier ignorance is ordained by God.