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Trans Inclusion: Trust, Verify, Educate


The invisibility of trans communities is real. So are unthinking insults. By treating the latter as intentional, we do nothing to inform and educate about the first.

· · · · · 

Violence Still Prevalent Despite Progress on LGBTI Rights in Latin America

A lesbian couple kiss in Mexico City after beginning the legal process towards marriage. (Gregory Bull/AP)

After notable progress on protecting equal rights one might be excused for thinking that Latin America is an accepting and safe place to live for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex people. That would be the wrong conclusion.

· · · · · 

The Bali Global Youth Declaration: For Young People, By Young People


Moving forward, our agenda is clear: young people must be meaningfully involved in the design, implementation and evaluation of international development policies.

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Myths About Homosexuality Fuel Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” Bill

This week, as we are waiting for the Ugandan parliament to debate whether or not homosexuality should be punishable by death (or at the very least life in jail) it might be helpful to review whatever could make anyone reach such a murderous conclusion.

· · · · · 

What Do Crisis Pregnancy Centers and Gay Conversion Therapy Have in Common?

photo courtesy of Savio Sebastian via Flickr

In the first of its kind lawsuit, the SPLC calls gay conversion therapy a fraud. Meanwhile lawmakers try to protect crisis pregnancy centers from regulation under consumer protection laws. Are we on to something here?

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Giving Thanks For Times the United States Has Fought Back Against Discrimination

For those of us living in the United States, this is a time of year for giving thanks. It is in that spirit that I have gathered a list of some of my favorite pieces of U.S. news on overcoming discrimination over the past couple of months.

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Have We Evolved in Our View of Transgender People?

Twenty states now have laws prohibiting gender discrimination against LGBT people. However, that still means that 30 states do not.

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Time is Running Out to Re-Authorize the Violence Against Women Act

Activists rally on Capitol Hill June 26, 2012 for the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act / Getty Images

Originally passed in 1994, VAWA has been consistently reauthorized and improved with broad bipartisan support. This year, however, the far right wing in the House is insisting on leaving specific groups of women unprotected. Why?

· · · · · 

Global AIDS Policy: Still Rife With Stigma and Discrimination

If we are fighting HIV, we need to join hands no matter whether we are straight, gay, sex workers, whatever…but with no discrimination. This is high time we tell the US government they should respect all human rights – whether you are a sex worker, straight, gay, disabled. We are all equal.

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“Coming Out” on Abortion: Who Wins?

[img src]

The current buzz within the abortion rights movement seems to be that we need to take a lesson from the gay rights movement – that people need to start “coming out” with their abortion stories. But we should remember with all of the culture change that the LGBTQ community has seen, stigma and violence are still perpetrated every day.

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