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With a Common Link of Violence, Anti-Choice Lobby Joins With NRA to Block Caitlin Halligan

A ruling Friday finds conversations between Angel Dillard and Scott Roeder are confidential because Dillard was acting as a minister to Roeder in prison.

The failed nomination of Caitlin Halligan brought to attention the shared interests between anti-choice groups and the NRA.

· · · · · 

It’s Up to Us to Defend Abortion Rights


As someone who has worked with abortion providers and defended clinics for many years, I have learned that the only way to prevent anti-abortion protesters (or, “antis”) from physically interfering with women (and their accompanying partners, relatives or friends) going into a clinic is by relying on our own efforts – and not laws.

· · · · · 

Anti-Choice Extremist Argues She’s a “Minister” to Tiller Assassin, Scott Roeder


Lawyers for the Department of Justice are still working on putting together the pieces of a network of domestic terrorists targeting Witchita, Kansas.

· · · · · 

First Circuit Again Upholds Massachusetts’ Clinic Buffer Zone Law

(Dig Boston)

The First Circuit Court of Appeals has made it clear that women and clinic workers have a right to safely access abortion clinics.

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Hard Road Ahead Before New Wichita Abortion Clinic Becomes a Reality

Trust Women’s purchase of the building that housed Dr. George Tiller’s former health care facility is welcome news, but it must be viewed within the context of the on-the-ground reality that is Kansas abortion policy, politics, and history.

· · · · · 

Florida Arsonist Gets Ten Years for Pensacola Clinic Firebombing

Photo: PNJ File Photo.

Rogers burned down the American Family Planning Clinic on New Year’s Day. Now he will serve ten years in prison.

· · · · · 

A Wink and a Nod: Anti-Choice Laws Invite Anti-Choice Harassment and Terrorism

In addition to imposing unnecessary and damaging limits and requirements on women’s medical care, do anti-abortion laws contribute to a social climate in which it is acceptable to terrorize me, my colleagues, and our patients?

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“Deadly Force” Sheriff Said He Let His “Imagination Get Out of Control”

Frank W. Szabo. Jezebel.

Oh, so he just fantasizes about killing people who terminate pregnancies.  Much better.

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Candidate for Sheriff Calls Use of Deadly Force “Appropriate” to Stop an Abortion

Frank W. Szabo. Daily News Update.

Nothing like law officials who think obeying laws is for other folk.


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Man Planning to Murder Planned Parenthood Doctor Ruled Competent To Stand Trial

Dane County Circuit Judge David Flanagan. [img src]

It’s been over a year since the Richard Lang was arrested, but now he may finally go to trial.

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