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The Face of Evil

I rarely use the word evil. But when I read that the Taliban had gunned down 14 year old Malala Yousafzai, and two other girls in Karachi, Pakistan I could not find another word. 

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Hard Road Ahead Before New Wichita Abortion Clinic Becomes a Reality

Trust Women’s purchase of the building that housed Dr. George Tiller’s former health care facility is welcome news, but it must be viewed within the context of the on-the-ground reality that is Kansas abortion policy, politics, and history.

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A Wink and a Nod: Anti-Choice Laws Invite Anti-Choice Harassment and Terrorism

In addition to imposing unnecessary and damaging limits and requirements on women’s medical care, do anti-abortion laws contribute to a social climate in which it is acceptable to terrorize me, my colleagues, and our patients?

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Report from Syria: Women Combat an Oppressive Regime Online, On the Ground, and Sometimes Armed

Activist Rodaina Eessa with her sister. Photo: Ruth Michaelson/RH Reality Check.

Syria’s media war is being waged with gory images from the ground. But preconceived notions about subservient Middle Eastern women could lead the world to assume that there have been no women active on the ground in Syria. This is simply not true: we’re just not looking hard enough.

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“Deadly Force” Sheriff Said He Let His “Imagination Get Out of Control”

Frank W. Szabo. Jezebel.

Oh, so he just fantasizes about killing people who terminate pregnancies.  Much better.

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Candidate for Sheriff Calls Use of Deadly Force “Appropriate” to Stop an Abortion

Frank W. Szabo. Daily News Update.

Nothing like law officials who think obeying laws is for other folk.


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The Deeply Troubled Past and Present of Inter-country Adoptions from Nations in Conflict and Chaos

Stories abound of children stolen from their families in countries of conflict and chaos. Beware of countries with a history of atrocities and don’t become complicit: The “blinders” are quite profound once you enter the adoption process and become committed to a child.

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Taliban Publicly Executes Woman for “Adultery” As Clinton Declares Afghanistan “Major Ally”

Screenshot from the CNN/Reuters video.

A woman is publicly executed in Afghanistan to settle a “dispute” between two Taliban officials. This gross demonstration of the everyday violence faced by women in Afghanistan comes just days after the U.S. declared the country as a major non-NATO U.S. ally and 70 countries pledged to provide aid.

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Wichita “Pro-Life Memorial” Backers Specialize in Terrorizing Women and Physicians

Wichita Police arrest Mark Holick in Wichita, Kansas.

The planned memorial is the latest fleeting desperate attempt at notoriety for a couple of washed up anti-choice terrorists in a town with no one left to terrorize. And yet, it could serve as a terrorist training ground for spreading extremism.

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Wichita Anti-Choice Leaders Raising Funds for Multi-Million Dollar “Pro-Life Memorial” As Children Suffer From Budget Cuts

Artist's sketch of the International Pro-life Center. More details in this PDF.

In the midst of an economic crisis worsened by its “pro-life” Governor’s own policies, Kansas may be getting a great-big Liberace-esque multi-million dollar “pro-life memorial.”  A group led by Wichita anti-choice terrorist leaders, Mark Rotola and Mark Holick, has embarked upon what they are calling an “ambitious project,” but would more aptly be dubbed a monument of their perceived victory by assassination.

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