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Protect Yourself: National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day


April 10 is National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day, the first awareness day to recognize the impact of the AIDS epidemic specifically on teens and young adults.

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On National Youth HIV and AIDS Day, the Boston College ‘Troublemakers’ Speak

red condoms

Our crime has made national news: We’re giving out condoms. At a Catholic University.

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It’s Time to Talk to Your Kids About Sex

As we talk about the role we all play in STD prevention, let’s just state the obvious: parents are important.

As we talk about the role we all play in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, let’s state the obvious: Parents are important.

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The Experience That Led Me to Dedicate My Life to Fighting HIV and AIDS

There are other young people out there who are like me. Young people who are committed to ending this epidemic once and for all. Stand with us so we can make that happen.

The driving force behind my decision to work in the field of HIV and AIDS comes from a very personal place: my own family.

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How Do You End an Epidemic of STDs? It Takes a Country

When we all do our part, we lift the health of our communities up as a whole.

While the cool mornings here in our nation’s capital may belie it, it is April again, which means the yearly observation of Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Awareness Month.

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Tyler Perry’s ‘Temptation’ Shamefully Stigmatizes People With HIV

Judith cheats on Brice and, in the end, she is thoroughly punished by having to go to her ex-husband’s pharmacy—limping and uglified—to pick up her HIV medications to treat the infection she got from cheating.

It’s such a disappointment to hear that Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor apparently presents HIV not only as if it’s some kind of karmic punishment for female sexual misbehavior, but also as if having the virus makes a woman permanently unlovable and asexual.

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Federal Judge: Planned Parenthood of Tennessee Can Continue HIV-Prevention Work

hand holding AIDS ribbon

Another federal court rules that conservatives can’t defund Planned Parenthood because it provides abortion care.

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How Did Emergency Contraception Get Excluded From VAWA?

Plan b emergency contraceptive

By all accounts, the women’s rights advocates who fought to reauthorize VAWA never made EC a priority.

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Sexual Health Roundup: Research Adds Credibility to HIV ‘Cure,’ Warnings About Waxing, and ‘Sexcereal’

cereal and strawberries

Sexcereal: It’s what’s for breakfast. Plus more sexual health news from the past week.

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Sexual Health Roundup: An App to Diagnose STDs, No Condoms as Evidence in D.C., and No Sex Ed for Utah Parents

Think you might have an STD? There's an app for that. Plus more sexual health news from the past week.

Think you might have an STD? There’s an app for that. Plus more sexual health news from the past week.

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