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Texas State Troopers Relied on One Anti-Choice Activist for ‘Poopgate’ Intelligence

Reportedly, tampons, pads, condoms, tissue, and other items were being confiscated for a time from individuals entering the Texas capitol building today.

Documents released Monday by the Texas Department of Public Safety show no evidence that the “feminist army” of orange-clad pro-choice supporters brought containers of urine and feces to the Texas state capitol this summer during debates over an omnibus anti-abortion bill.

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Report Surveys Abortion Restriction Landscape One Year After Akin’s ‘Legitimate Rape’ Comment

Although his "legitimate rape" comment may have cost Todd Akin an election, it hasn't stopped Republicans across the country from trying to legislate legal abortion out of existence.

A new report from the National Women’s Law Center shows that although Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comment may have cost him an election, it hasn’t stopped Republicans across the country from trying to legislate legal abortion out of existence.

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Mississippi Supreme Court Dismisses Manslaughter Indictment in Stillbirth Case

NARAL Pro-Choice America is challenging the Obama administration's nomination of Michael Boggs, who has a long history of civil rights opposition, to the federal district court in Georgia.

The Mississippi Supreme Court affirmed the dismissal of manslaughter charges against a woman but failed to answer whether the state’s criminal statute should be applied against pregnant people.

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Wendy Davis Makes Her National Press Club Debut

The national media has attacked Wendy Davis as a hypocrite for her stance on a 20-week abortion ban.

The Texas senator said she’s put her pink sneakers back to work “running on the trail.” Washington, D.C. reporters wanted to know if she meant the campaign trail in the next governor’s race.

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Congressional Democrats Push for Supreme Court Ethics Act

In their response to a request for emergency Supreme Court intervention, attorneys for the State of Texas told the Roberts Court there was no need to block a law designed to cut off abortion access for tens of thousands of people in the state.

Supreme Court justices are the only justices in the country not subject to a code of ethics. Congressional Democrats want to change that.

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Budget Committee Hearing on Poverty Turns Into Nun-Bashing Tournament

Sister Simone Campbell throws up her hands under questioning at the hearing, titled "The War on Poverty: A Progress Report."

House budget committee chairman Paul Ryan presided over a hearing called to assess the “war on poverty.” But with a liberal nun on the witness panel, it became a war on religion.

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Texas Crisis Pregnancy Center Expects Influx of New ‘Opportunities for Ministry’

Texas state Sen. Bob Deuell (R-Greenville, pictured above) said in March: "This bill is not intended to decrease abortions or to close any clinic that does abortions."

A Houston crisis pregnancy center’s director says she expects an “inevitable influx of clients” after the passage of HB 2, which will shut down the vast majority of legal abortion clinics in Texas. But that’s precisely what the bill’s proponents said would never happen.

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Conservative Lawmakers Look to Sink Another Female Nominee to the Federal Bench

Senate Republicans made it clear they'll do whatever it takes to keep Georgetown Law Professor Nina Pillard of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals (above).

Republican senators have made it clear they’ll do whatever it takes to keep Georgetown law professor Nina Pillard off the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Is the Future for Texas Blue?

wendy davis closeup

“What happens next?” That’s the question on Texan lips this week as we watch Gov. Rick Perry sign an omnibus anti-abortion bill into law. My answer? Much.

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House Committee Advances D.C. Spending Ban on Abortion

If a budget is not adopted by July 1, the government will shut down.

Every year since 1996, Congress has blocked the District of Columbia from spending its own local tax dollars to fund abortions for low-income women. This year is no different.

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