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ELECTION 2012: Voters Rejected Most Partisan Attacks On The Judiciary

photo courtesy of functoruser via Flickr

With a slew of judicial races to watch, voters showed they have little tolerance for overtly politicizing the bench.

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It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a Graphic “Fetus” Poster!

Photo: The Center for Bioethical Reform.

Not content with their ground game, anti-choice zealots are taking over the skies, too.

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Florida Supreme Court Battle Could Set Dangerous Political Precedent

photo courtesy of Dawn Endico via Flickr

Increasingly conservatives are targeting state court elections as a way to advance their anti-equality agenda.

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Historic Number of Women on Ballots Could Lead to Historic Year for Female Lawmakers

Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI). [img src]

Year of the woman?  It’s on!


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Soy Poderosa: Why Millennial Latinas Lead in Texas and Beyond

As a young working professional Poderosa, as a college graduate, and as I have seen in communities across the Americas, I know first-hand intelligent and motivated Millennial Latinas achieve and overcome what some would consider insurmountable obstacles.

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The Voter ID Struggle in Pennsylvania: Losing ID Is about Losing More than the Right to Vote

Residents of a mobile home park in Jersey Shore, PA speak on their struggle to resist being evicted by the fracking industry.

We’re taking up a collection at my office, here at the Media Mobilizing Project in Philadelphia, PA, for some of our radio producers and campaigners. 

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The Right to Vote Affects the Power to Choose: How Voter Suppression in 2012 Will Erode Reproductive Rights

The power to preserve and expand reproductive rights is inextricably tied the right to vote. But what is power if your ability to leverage it is stripped away?

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State Legislative Trends in Reproductive Health Law and Policy: Mid-Year 2012 Analysis

In the first half of 2012, states enacted 95 new provisions related to reproductive health and rights. As was the case in 2011, issues related to abortion, family planning funding and sex education once again were significant flashpoints in many legislatures .

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Georgia 20-Week Ban Sponsor Criticized Over Bill By Primary Rival

Rep. Doug McKillip

Is McKillip’s anti-choice advocacy coming back to haunt him?

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Not In My Backyard! As Local Government Attacks on Women’s Health Increase, Citizens Are Fighting Back

From Chattanooga. [img src]

The vicious attacks on women’s health to which we’ve grown so accustomed on the national and state stages are trickling down to the local level, as municipal and county governments get in on the action. But recent successes in responding to attacks on women’s health programs underscore that we need to be vigilant in our own backyards.

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