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Republicans Loudly Distance Themselves From Akin’s Comments

George Allen. [img src]

If you are curious who is worried about their reelections, watch who is publicly denouncing the Missouri congressman’s “legitimate rape” remarks.

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Akin’s “Legitimate Rape” Comment Latest Declaration That Women Are Liars Or Sluts

Chuck Winder, (R) Boise. Facebook.

So, does a pregnancy as a result from sexual assault mean somehow she wanted it?

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MO Senate Candidate Todd Akin Says Abortion Not Necessary Because Women’s Bodies Can “Shut Pregnancy Down” After Rape

Missouri Tea Party Senate Candidate doesn’t think abortion in cases of rape is really necessary. Why? Because in cases of “legitimate rape” women’s bodies know how to prevent a pregnancy from happening in the first place.

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Cliff Stearns Too Busy Trying to Attack Women To Remember To Campaign In The Primary

Cliff Stearns. Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo.

I’m sure the Susan B. Anthony List can find him a job somewhere.

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Paul Ryan: “I’m Never Going To Not Vote Pro-Life”

[img src]

With the chatter of a Ryan pick as Romney’s running mate, it’s time for a closer look at his record.

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Is This What Supporting Reproductive Rights Looks Like In Michigan?

Rep. Mike Shirkey. MLive.

With the state already on the verge of passing a massive anti-choice omnibus bill, it’s sad to see that in some races, those who are challenging the current candidates are only slightly more supportive of reproductive rights.

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“Black Genocide” Candidate Running as Democrat in Kansas House Race

Peggy Elliott

An anti-choice Democrat running for the Kansas House of Representatives isn’t really “news” in Kansas, but a Democratic candidate who speaks at local Tea Party rallies, is openly hostile to President Obama, and acts as a community leader in propagating the extreme anti-choice myth of black genocide??  Kansas, meet your Democratic Party candidate for Wichita’s 89th House District…Peggy Elliott. 

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LPAC Launch – Women are Ready for Change!

Bilerico Project.

Yesterday we launched LPAC, the lesbian political action committee dedicated to giving lesbians a meaningful voice in politics.

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Wendy Long Wins GOP Nomination For New York Senate — What Does She Believe?

The former Clarence Thomas clerk will now take on Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in November.  But what are the differences between the two women?

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Georgia 20-Week Ban Sponsor Criticized Over Bill By Primary Rival

Rep. Doug McKillip

Is McKillip’s anti-choice advocacy coming back to haunt him?

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