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Administration’s Renewed Focus on Filling Federal Court Vacancies Reveals Mixed Bag of Nominees

Photo courtesy of Donkey Hotey via Flickr

Just after the election President Obama moved to fill seven federal court vacancies. Almost all the nominees are good news for civil rights advocates.

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Why Wall Street’s Angst Over Elizabeth Warren is Unfounded

While Elizabeth Warren is viewed as a threat to the banks, she is just one Senator. Congress is still rife with members, both Republican and Democrat, who rely heavily on the banks for their campaigns.

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What the 2012 Election Means for Women and for Feminism

Pro-choice candidates gained big time this election cycle, while anti-choice politicians lost even more power, at least on a national level. The lesson of all this is simple: After decades of feminists arguing for women’s rights, the majority of the public is on board.

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Political Interference is Bad Medicine and a Bad Prescription for Women’s Health

Even with recent gains and electoral wins, there is a concentrated effort to limit women’s access to a full range of reproductive health services, including medical abortion.

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ELECTION 2012: Women Told the Nation, Loud and Clear, This Election was About the Economy and Jobs

Photo: Reuters via Politico.

Women have spoken. And they told the nation, loud and clear, that this election was about the economy and jobs. For women, topics like birth control and equal pay are absolutely economic issues for women. I’ve heard some say we voted with our “ladyparts,” which we certainly care about, but it was bigger than that.

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GOP Infighting: “Don’t Nominate Dogs”

Michael Barone at Hillsdale College's center in Washington. Photo: Times 24/7 - The Washington Times.

The party continues to struggle for its own identity.

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ELECTION 2012: USCCB Faces Criticism from Parishoners, Other Bishops for Partisanship

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York and president of the USCCB. Photo: LA Times.

Catholic bishops went all in this election season. Will they learn anything from their defeat?

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ELECTION 2012: The Under-the-Radar State, County, and City Races That Produced Surprising Results

Justin Pye/Richmond Confidential

On Tuesday, high-profile political coverage in the national media was mainly focused on the US presidential election, some Senate and House races, and a few state ballot measures. Yet there were a seemingly endless number of smaller, less-publicized elections for city- and state-level positions, votes on state initiatives that flew under the radar, and city and county decisions that were only covered in local news.

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“Non-Partisan” National Organization for Marriage and Susan B. Anthony List Know How to Party

On election night, it was steak and cable news stations for the “family values” groups.


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ELECTION 2012: Voters Rejected Most Partisan Attacks On The Judiciary

photo courtesy of functoruser via Flickr

With a slew of judicial races to watch, voters showed they have little tolerance for overtly politicizing the bench.

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