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Holding Gov. McCrory to His Campaign Promise

New polling by Public Policy Polling shows that Gov. McCrory's total approval rating has dropped 26 percent in five months.

As anti-choice bills fly through the legislature, we are counting on Gov. McCrory to stand up to the anti-choice leadership in the legislature and make good on his campaign promise to not support any new restrictions on abortion access.

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Media Silence on Gosnell? Let’s Talk About the Women of Color Without Decent Health Care

A hospital buy-out means that Green Bay's only abortion clinic—one of five in the whole state—will no longer be allowed to provide abortion care.

As a resident of Philadelphia and an abortion provider, I can tell you that the Gosnell case has gotten media coverage. But no one is talking about poor, under-insured, and under-served women.

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New App Tracks Impact of Texas’ Family Planning Budget Cuts

Texans can now track the impact of state lawmakers' cuts to family planning funds using a web and mobile app developed university researchers.

Texans can now track the impact of state lawmakers’ cuts to family planning funds using a web and mobile app developed by university researchers.

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Juvenile Courts: The Only Way ‘Justice’ Was Possible in the Steubenville Case?

The regulations will sunset after 90 days, but the governor urged the legislature to take action before then on a pending bill that would ban the practice and offer comprehensive health protections for pregnant inmates.

The Steubenville, Ohio, rape trial highlights the complicated role we ask our juvenile courts to play.

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YWA 2013 Nominee: Holly Kearl

Holly Kearl

In 2008 I launched the website www.StopStreetHarassment.org where people around the world share their stories. I now have 15 correspondents who write monthly articles about the issue from seven countries.

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Want to Know What Young People Think? Stop Talking Over Us

Hannah on the Huffington Post Live talk show. (screenshot via Huffington Post Live)

Many politicians, activists and adults alike have silenced the youth voice and relegated our involvement to the role of bystander. If the youth wishes to have a future that we would like to inhabit, we must reclaim our voices and demand that we have a say on issues that affect our lives.  

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Trans Inclusion: Trust, Verify, Educate


The invisibility of trans communities is real. So are unthinking insults. By treating the latter as intentional, we do nothing to inform and educate about the first.

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Roe at 40 — Happy Anniversary, Losers

1977 march in NYC. (Getty Images via NPR)

Struggling clinics. Generational divides within the movement. Fluctuating poll numbers. Controversy over the pro-choice label. As a recent post by Tracy Weitz reminds us on the latter count, these are not new stories. But let me challenge the idea that we are losing.

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Jodie Foster Comes Out, and So Does Our Hypocritical Approach to Privacy, Especially the Privacy of Women

Jodie Foster accepts her Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2013 Golden Globes. (CBS News)

As a society, we feel entitled to strip people of their privacy rights when they appear to transgress how we believe they should live their lives. In fact, we are extremely hypocritical in our approach to privacy.

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Response to Time: The End of Right to Lies


Time Magazine recently said, abortion-rights activists won a victory 40 years ago with the Roe v. Wade decision, and have been losing ever since. What they didn’t say is that 2012 is the year we TOOK A STAND, organized via social media, and used it to STOP this madness!

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