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‘The Yellow Room’: Illegal Abortion as Feminist Gothic Horror Film


Young filmmaker Assal Ghawami has written and directed a film that brings together themes of “The Yellow Wallpaper” with a story of a contemporary back-alley abortion.

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I Am Woman, Hear Me Apologize: Gaining the Confidence to Claim Our Voices

Young woman shouting into megaphone with red background

The abysmal representation of women in the media and in politics negatively affects women’s confidence levels. But there is hope for young women who want their voices to be heard.

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MAKERS: A Good Women’s History Lesson, But Misses Younger Feminists


MAKERS was a good overview documentary, and I’m glad it exists. Unfortunately, it ended with a thud by ignoring many of the vibrant, young feminists working today.

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And the Oscars Go To: Sexism, Racism, Homophobia, and Anti-Semitism


When I turned on the Oscars Sunday, I expected fashion, a spectacle, and maybe some frat-boy humor. I had no idea how willfully offensive the host would be.

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Jodie Foster Comes Out, and So Does Our Hypocritical Approach to Privacy, Especially the Privacy of Women

Jodie Foster accepts her Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2013 Golden Globes. (CBS News)

As a society, we feel entitled to strip people of their privacy rights when they appear to transgress how we believe they should live their lives. In fact, we are extremely hypocritical in our approach to privacy.

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Women, Sex, and Storytelling: The Truth Behind Tired Mainstream Narratives

An event in New York City examined the split between our authentic selves and the social rules that keep those selves at bay.

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Lights, Camera, Action: Study Suggests Sex in Movies Predicts Early Sexual Debut Among Teens

New research suggests that seeing sex in movies early is a predictor of early sexual debut and riskier sexual behavior among teens. The authors suggest that we should limit young people’s viewing of sex in movies. Maybe, but I for one have a hard time believing that simply keeping them out of the theaters is the answers. 

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History Has Not Been Kind To “The Exorcist”

Author and screenwriter William Peter Blatty, who wrote “The Exorcist”, is mad that Georgetown University isn’t hateful enough towards women. This shouldn’t be surprising, since he’s the author of virulent anti-woman propaganda.

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Abortion: A Topic Ritually Avoided by Recreational Media

I’ve written more than twenty books, but was startled by what I learned: you can raise the possibility of abortion, but it must be rejected. I hit a wall of resistance I believe is self-censorship on the part of the publishers. When a character is pregnant, whether from rape, incest, etc., so long as a baby is born, that’s acceptable. The “Juno” scenario.

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Lights, Camera, Condoms: Activists Try for Another Ballot Initiative Requiring Porn Stars to Use Condoms

[img src]

The battle in Los Angeles over whether porn stars should be required to use condoms is heating up again as an AIDS activist group started collecting signatures last week for a new ballot initiative.  If it gets on the ballot, the voters of Los Angeles County may get to decide how much latex we see in adult films. 

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