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During Shutdown, Pennsylvania Can Fund WIC ‘For a Few Weeks’

The federal poverty threshold, which dictates eligibility of most public benefits, including food stamps, is flawed in that it does not account for cost of living.

One of the many services and programs to be shuttered during the shutdown is the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, which helps low-income pregnant women and parents with young children facing nutritional risk by providing vouchers for healthy foods and infant formula.

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Where the Safety Net Won’t Catch Us: How Obamacare Fails Black Women on Maternal Health

Black women in America are more likely than their white counterparts to experience poor pregnancy outcomes.

Even with the Affordable Care Act in place, Black women will still be plagued by the chronic stress that comes with simply being Black in the United States.

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Focusing on Women’s Health as the UN Looks Ahead to a New Development Framework

We must reduce pregnancy-related deaths and injuries and improve women’s health in the developing world.

To ensure the United States is a leader in advocating for women’s health and rights, I am proud to introduce the Global Sexual and Reproductive Health Act of 2013 (HR 3206) Friday.

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Texas AG Candidate Wants to Ban Abortion Because Hypothetical Offspring ‘Would Vote Republican’

Over the last 40 years, 55 million theoretically un-aborted Americans and their 27.5 million hypothetical offspring "would vote Republican" if they had been born, Smitherman says.

Barry Smitherman, an anti-choice candidate for attorney general in Texas, airs his chilling, ruthless fantasy: make abortion illegal, so babies grow up to be Republicans and vote for guys like him.

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Plea Deal Reached in Bei Bei Shuai Prosecution

Bei Bei Shuai (right) leaves court a free woman, next to her defense attorney, Linda Pence (left).

Bei Bei Shuai’s long ordeal is finally over, just as Purvi Patel’s begins.

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In South Sudan, Too Many Young Women Dying in Childbirth

Aerial of Juba, the capital of South Sudan, with river Nile on the right.

Women will continue to die far too young in South Sudan if public health strategies fail to reach youth before they become sexually active, and policies fail to address the family planning needs of communities.

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For Decades, Authorities Let Rogue Abortion Provider Harm Women, Despite Pleas From Legitimate Doctors

Dr. Steven Brigham legal documents

Since the early 1990s, public records show, Brigham’s patients have suffered emergency hysterectomies, severe bowel injuries, severed ureters, and sweeping lacerations to the uterus. Over a period of two decades, Brigham has been barred from practicing medicine in at least six states, sued by his landlords and business associates, and even served jail time for failing to pay taxes. And yet today, Brigham remains in control of a network of 15 abortion clinics in four states, and there appears little that most state authorities are able—or willing—to do about it.

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Just Have the Baby? A New Mom Reveals Why There Is No ‘Just,’ and Not Necessarily Any Justice Either

Linus Chart

Just have the baby? Only if you want to. Because no one else can take on any of the pain or risk, and it’s rare that you’ll be helped significantly with the costs—something I think anyone capable of becoming pregnant understands all too well and that forced pregnancy activists work very hard not to acknowledge.

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Forgotten Women: UNAIDS, PEPFAR, and ‘Keeping Mothers Alive’

I hope and expect that the next progress report for the Global Plan will include a clear discussion of the link between HIV infection, maternal mortality, and women’s health more generally, and what the agencies are doing to address it.

UNAIDS and PEPFAR recently released a report on progress toward achieving an AIDS-free generation. Though there has been great progress, the report almost completely ignores the second target of the groups’ Global Plan: mothers.

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Why a 20-Week Abortion Ban Is Unthinkable: One Woman’s Near-Death Experience

A federal judge has declared part of Texas' abortion law to be unconstitutional, blocking a provision that requires abortion providers to secure admitting privileges at hospitals within 30 miles of where they perform abortion procedures.

Childbearing is inherently dangerous, and it is time that the risks of pregnancy became a part of our national conversation about contraception and abortion.

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