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The Ongoing Battle to Remove Military Sexual Assault Prosecution From the Chain of Command


The Senate Armed Services chair has bowed to the objections of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and spiked Sen. Gillibrand’s measure to take the prosecution of sexual assaults in the military out of the chain of command. This, after a day-long military sexual assault hearing that featured mostly men.

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Military Sexual Assault Hearing: Chambliss Slut-Shames, Gillibrand Schools Joint Chiefs

Joint Chiefs of Staff at the hearing.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff flatly rejected removal of sex-crimes prosecution from the chain of command; Sen. Gillibrand took them to school. Meanwhile, Saxby Chambliss claimed that “the hormone level created by nature sets in place the possibility for these types of things to occur.”

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Obama, Hagel Offer Lip Service on Military Sexual Assault

"We have to be determined to stop these crimes, because they’ve got no place in the greatest military on earth," President Barack Obama told the U.S. Naval Academy class of 2013.

Judging by their words, you’d think they’d be willing to stop at nothing to end the epidemic of sexual assault in the military. But you would be wrong.

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Report: Fox News Underreported Sexual Assault in the Military


While Fox News has devoted extensive airtime to pushing scandals that have since begun to fall apart, it has largely ignored new allegations of sexual assault in the military.

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Gillibrand Builds Bipartisan Support for Change of Military Justice Code (UPDATED)

At a press conference on Capitol Hill, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand demonstrated bipartisan support for her proposal to remove the reporting and prosecution of sexual assault complaints in the from the chain of command.

At a press conference on Capitol Hill, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand demonstrated bipartisan support for her proposal to remove the reporting and prosecution of sexual assault complaints in the military from the chain of command.

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Harry Reid to RH Reality Check: Military Sexual Assault Reporting System Needs Fixing

Harry Reid, on an interview with ABCNews in February.

Having already asked lawmakers to take away commanders’ authority to overturn sexual assault convictions, Reid is now considering a measure that would entirely remove sexual assault cases from the chain of command.

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The Department of Defense, Sexual Assault, and the Future

The announcement was greeted with cautious optimism from victims' advocates in Congress, who said that more urgent reform is still needed sooner than a year from now.

As a former civilian social worker for the Air Force, I cannot help but weigh in on the national debate about how to reform the Department of Defense’s sexual assault policies.

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Military Sexual Assaults Are Up, as Air Force Assault Prevention Officer Arrested for Sexual Battery

In a way, the military can create a perfect storm for triggering an eating disorder.

Pentagon brass say they’re working on the problem but balk at meaningful changes that would safeguard those claiming assault against their superiors.

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Legal Wrap: Marriage Equality, Contraception, and the NRA Teaming Up With Anti-Abortion Groups

Sacramento, California, November 22, 2008: Protest against the passage of Proposition 8.

While the Supreme Court took up marriage equality, the NRA and anti-abortion groups joined forces to block an important judicial appointment.

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Lt. Dan Choi Convicted for ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Protest

"The human bonds that can be formed by courage transcends generations. All that racism, homophobia we defeat with skin on skin." -Lt. Dan Choi going in for trial this morning, holding hands with other civil rights leaders.

Choi was convicted and fined $100 for “failure to obey” in conjunction with a November 2010 protest of the since-repealed DADT policy outside the White House. “I believe the White House sidewalk is a free-speech zone,” he said.

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