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TV Recognizes the “Modern Family”—Why Not Governments?

TV's "Modern Family."

Real-life individuals in same-sex couples, or those who live with someone of a different race or generation from themselves, often face daily struggles to protect their families from legal uncertainty and publicly articulated disgust.

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Montana Supreme Court Rejects Request For Equal Benefits For Same-Sex Couples

Montana's Judicial Branch. Photo: Mt.gov.

In a 4-3 decision the state’s highest court refused to affirmatively find that same sex couples are entitled to the same benefits as opposite sex couples.

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Why Justice Scalia’s Ties To The Gay Conversion Therapy Movement Matter

photo courtesy of The Higgs Boson via Flickr

Justice Scalia has close ties to groups that try to “pray away the gay.” For one thing, his son is active in the “gay conversion” movement.

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Iowa Supreme Court Hears Arguments Over Listing of Same-Sex Parents on Daughter’s Birth Certificate

photo courtesy of subewl via Flickr

Heather and Melissa Gartner were legally married in Iowa and had a daughter together, yet the state refuses to list them both as parents on their daughter’s birth certificate

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Potential SCOTUS Review of DOMA Presents Potential Pivotal Moment for Gay Rights in America

On Friday this week, the US Supreme Court judges are expected to announce which, if any, cases related to gay rights they will review. At stake are not only the right to marry and federal recognition of marriage-related financial benefits for same-sex couples who are already married.

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Giving Thanks For Times the United States Has Fought Back Against Discrimination

For those of us living in the United States, this is a time of year for giving thanks. It is in that spirit that I have gathered a list of some of my favorite pieces of U.S. news on overcoming discrimination over the past couple of months.

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“Non-Partisan” National Organization for Marriage and Susan B. Anthony List Know How to Party

On election night, it was steak and cable news stations for the “family values” groups.


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ELECTION 2012: Minnesota Becomes First State to Reject “Traditional Marriage” Amendment

Chris Kluwe. Photo: Competenetwork.

The progressive-leaning state refuses to enshrine bigotry in the state constitution.

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Second Circuit Court of Appeals Strikes Defense of Marriage Act in Sweeping Decision

photo courtesy of Fibonnaci Blue via Flickr

A conservative judge issued a stunning rebuke of the Defense of Marriage Act, teeing the law up for Supreme Court review.

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In Europe, Same-Sex Couples Face High Barriers to Parenthood

Europe may not be the best place for same-sex couples, who want to have kids. Courts, culture, and governments continue to put up roadblocks.

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