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Tennessee Supreme Court Rules Minor Not ‘Accomplice’ in Her Statutory Rape

scales of justice, gavel, and book

In a unanimous decision Monday, the state’s highest court brought Tennessee law in line with the vast majority of the country.

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Why the Pro-Choice Movement Needs to Talk About Children

Our stories and experiences stand as a visceral rebuttal to the anti-choice movement’s desired narrative.

The pro-choice movement’s shift in attention, messaging, and resources away from a focus on family means that the anti-choice movement has been able to make the idea of family, specifically unborn children, central to its emotional power and success.

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Book Review: ‘Cracked Open: Liberty, Fertility, and the Pursuit of High-Tech Babies’

Miriam Zoll's horrifying personal story about using a host of Assisted Reproductive Technologies [ART] including In Vitro Fertilization [IVF] and egg donation in an effort to have a child is part memoir and part expose of an unscrupulous, high-profit industry. It’s a compelling read.

Miriam Zoll’s horrifying personal story about using a host of assisted reproductive technologies, including in vitro fertilization and egg donation, in an effort to have a child is part memoir and part exposé of an unscrupulous, high-profit industry. It’s a compelling read.

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I Help Teenage Girls Get Abortions

As I watched the healthy and prosperous politicians at the bill signing, I couldn’t help but think they live in a parallel universe far different from that of the minors who call our hotline.

When Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed into law a sweeping abortion measure, my heart broke for all of “my girls”—Texas minors seeking to terminate a pregnancy through the judicial bypass process.

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Reproductive Choice Is About More Than Getting ‘Fat’—It’s About Bodily and Economic Autonomy

Money spent on clothes can't be spent on food, transportation, or medical bills.

Exactly the sort of person who would say “Just have the baby” read my essay about the end of my pregnancy and my son’s first month of life, and her interpretation of my point was “pregnancy makes you fat.”

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The Obama Administration’s False Excuses on Affordable Housing Hurt Families Like Mine: Why I’m Suing

You think raising toddlers as a single mom is difficult, try doing it without a home.

You think raising toddlers as a single mom is difficult? Try doing it without a home.

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How Can a ‘Pro-Life’ Legislator Fight to Gut SNAP?

The attack against SNAP failed, but it is perhaps the latest example of why a legislator’s claim to be "pro-life" simply cannot hold water when he also views critical programs that aid children as expendable.

The House sponsor of the recently failed Farm Bill has a deep commitment to fetuses. His commitment to children? Not so much.

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Nevada State Assemblywoman Lucy Flores: Thank You for Speaking Out for Young Latinas

Assemblywoman Lucy Flores.

Your story, of your family struggling to make ends meet, and of the lack of education about sexual and reproductive health, is all too common for young Latinas all over this country—though it’s not always a story that is spoken of out loud.

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What Happens if Pride Parades Become Condom-Free?

What if they stop passing out condoms at Pride?

The organizers of Houston’s annual Pride parade, coming up this weekend, almost banned distributing condoms. And I have a lot of reasons to be skeptical about what a new “family-friendly” and “marriage-minded” LGBT community will mean for Pride.

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Just Have the Baby? A New Mom Reveals Why There Is No ‘Just,’ and Not Necessarily Any Justice Either

Linus Chart

Just have the baby? Only if you want to. Because no one else can take on any of the pain or risk, and it’s rare that you’ll be helped significantly with the costs—something I think anyone capable of becoming pregnant understands all too well and that forced pregnancy activists work very hard not to acknowledge.

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