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SCOTUS’ Decision on Birth Control Benefit Could Affect All Workers’ Rights

A flurry of legal briefs filed by members of Congress shows that resolution of the contraception mandate lawsuits is as much a political exercise as a judicial one.

The ugly reality is that this entire battle over the contraception mandate is about something bigger. It’s about private businesses and corporations creating a legal loophole that allows them to opt out of an array of worker protections and other regulations, all by citing “religious freedom” as a reason.

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New York City Council Holds Paid Sick Days Hearing, But Mayoral Hopeful Quinn Barely Shows

sick woman in bed

Christine Quinn’s silence was notable because she is widely perceived to be the only obstacle standing between the bill and its passage.

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Paid Sick Leave Pays for Itself: So Why Is NYC’s Mayoral Hopeful Blocking It?

New York's city council has a bill that would require paid sick days for more than 1.2 million workers; calling for its passage, the New York Times editorial page noted that it is “a normal benefit for workers in at least 145 countries.”

New York’s city council has a bill that would require paid sick days for more than 1.2 million workers. Research shows it’s an economic no-brainer. But the bill’s been stalled for more than 1,000 days, even as a natural disaster and flu epidemic hit the city.

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Behind the Runway: Modeling Might Not Be As Pretty As You Think


It’s hard for some of us to view models as “workers” in the way labor rights advocates understand the term, but working conditions in the fashion industry indicate a need to organize.

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From Saudi Arabia to the United States, the Human Rights of Domestic Workers Must Be Recognized

Rizana Nafeek

This week’s execution in Saudi Arabia and the successful fight for legal protections for domestic workers in New York State highlight the central concept of humanity in the struggle for human rights. 

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Fighting Back Against Hyatt’s War on Mamas

Hyatt Hotels, a global corporation, has been engaging in its own war on women… their own workers. This Mama’s Day, I want to recognize an incredible group of women who are fighting back to demand better treatment for themselves and their co-workers. 

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Feminism and the New Great Depression: What’s Next?

Looks like feminism’s at a crossroads, and there’s a very surprising group that could hold the key to the future of the movement: men. (So does this mean I should go buy my goldfish a new bike?)

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