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Beyond Choice: How We Learned to Stop Labeling and Love Reproductive Justice

Some big victories and some small victories, with respect to reproductive rights, show that parts of the country are hoping to expand access to health care, not just limit it.

It seems that mainstream reproductive health and rights groups are realizing the limitations of reductive labels like “pro-choice.” And that’s a good thing.

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YWA 2013 Nominee: Angelique Roché

Angelique Roché

When I stumbled into the world of politics and policy after law school I was surprised to see the dearth of women. In particular, there was lack of African American and multiracial women in elected office or even working on the issues that affected women and minorities the most.

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African Americans and Abortion: An Intriguing Poll


A poll in July 2012 surveying African Americans and Hispanics on their attitudes about abortion (among other issues) brought striking results: The majority support access to safe abortion care.

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What’s the Matter With Bans on Race- and Sex-Selective Abortion? Everything.

Conservative MP Mark Warawa speaks about Motion 408, his motion against sex-selection abortions, on Parliament Hill.

A particularly pernicious narrative about abortion rights has taken hold in this country accusing pro-choice groups and abortion clinics of attempting to target minorities. But it’s all based on lies and illogical arguments.

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Today More than Ever, Young Black People Need HIV Prevention


Though the mainstream media’s virtual silence on the issue suggests otherwise, the HIV epidemic continues to rage in the U.S., and African Americans and blacks are those hardest hit.

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Five Things I Learned About Abortion by Checking My Assumptions at the Door

(Alex Wong/Getty Images via Colorlines)

I grew up in a conservative area and had internalized some challenging attitudes about abortion, poverty, and the death penalty—attitudes aligned with policy that worked against my (and my family’s) interests. Still, I discovered that I was ready to drop everything for a friend who needed my help. Eventually, I learned to hold this level of compassion for complete strangers, too.

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Policing African-American Motherhood From Every Angle


I often hear the question from African-American women, “What do they [the right] want? We either have too many kids or too many abortions. Which is it?” The truth is, to them, it’s both.

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Giving Thanks For Times the United States Has Fought Back Against Discrimination

For those of us living in the United States, this is a time of year for giving thanks. It is in that spirit that I have gathered a list of some of my favorite pieces of U.S. news on overcoming discrimination over the past couple of months.

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“War on Women” Increasingly Focused on Women of Color and Immigrant Women

VAWA. PRENDA. Aderholt. What do all these words (and acronyms) have in common? They represent the escalating attacks on the health and rights of women of color, and immigrant women in particular.

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Limbaugh, Fluke, and Feminism: Did We “Rush” to Conclusions About Privilege, Sex, Race, and Class?

Amidst the controversy around Rush Limbaugh and birth control coverage, there have been some missed opportunities to dive deeper into the underlying issues. What I had hoped (and continue to hope) for is space for a more nuanced discussion about privilege, sex and sexuality, and feminism.

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