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Man Who Allegedly Planned to “Lay Out Abortionists” Still Undergoing Competency Evaluation

Ralph Lang's mugshot. Image Source.

Wisconsin’s Ralph Lang will now have until November 6th for federal authorities to determine if he can stand trial.

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Politifact Declares EMILY’s List Claims on Thompson and Abortion “Half True”

Image Source

The Wisconsin senate race is already getting its first fact check.

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More On Wisconsin “Fetal Body Parts”

Pathology Prof. Watkins examines lab samples at the AIDS Vaccine Research Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

What exactly would a “fetal body part” ban mean in Wisconsin?

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Wisconsin GOP Says They’ll Focus On Economy This Session

WI Gov. Scott Walker with Jeff & Scott Fitzgerald at a press conference in Madison, WI. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

You know, like they promised last session, too…

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Wisconsin GOP Planning New Assault On Reproductive Rights

The Republicans in the state are putting together their next anti-choice legislative agenda.

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New Link on State Website for Pregnancy Center May Be Violating Separation of Church and State

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s love of anti-choice policies maybe be constituting a state endorsement of religion.

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In Wisconsin, Radical Rules and Regulations Promise to Harm Women and Families

Governor Scott Walker, along with Wisconsin’s anti-abortion, anti-choice and anti-birth control action groups, are jeopardizing physicians’ ability provide necessary medical care to patients with complicated pregnancies.

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Defunding Planned Parenthood

Defunding Planned Parenthood as a provider of family planning. Of Medicaid. Of Title X. What does this do exactly?

See, because here’s the thing I don’t quite get. Even if those on the right ARE correct, which is a big IF, that there are other providers.

Then what you’ve accomplished is what?

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The Neon Elephant in the Room: What the Media and Pundit Class Keep Missing About the “Abortion” Debate

What are the two most important points the media, pundit class, and progressive policymakers keep missing about the “abortion” debate? Answer: It’s not about abortion and it’s not about “life.”

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Man Arrested, Charged with Intent to Murder Abortion Providers in Wisconsin

A man who drove to Madison, Wisconsin to kill an abortion doctor faces federal charges for intending to attack a Planned Parenthood office in Madison, Wisconsin and murder abortion providers.

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