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Another Holiday Weekend Bill Signing for Scott Walker, With Forced Ultrasound Law

South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard signed a bill Wednesday to punish any physician in the state who is found to perform sex-selective abortions.

On Friday, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed a forced ultrasound bill that will also require abortion providers to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles. In 2012, Walker also signed major anti-choice legislation, a telemed abortion ban, in the lead-in to a holiday weekend.

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Wisconsin ACLU, Planned Parenthood Sue to Block Fast-Tracked TRAP Law

Will election concerns have the Wisconsin governor becoming more cautious about abortion restrictions?

Anti-abortion lawmakers in Wisconsin rush through an admitting privileges law and advocates immediate sue to block it.

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Wisconsin Right to Life Claims Anti-Choice Legislation Supported by ‘Tons’ of Unnamed Doctors

gavel with pile of books and pills

According to the anti-choice action group, “tons of doctors” approve of the new anti-choice bills mandating how physicians interact with patients. But national and state physicians’ groups are not on board.

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Wisconsin Legislators Gathering Sponsors for Forced Ultrasound Bill With TRAP Provision

Family members of a Texas teen who sued her parents in an effort to be declared an emancipated minor, alleging that the family pressured her into obtaining an abortion, now say she was manipulated by an anti-choice legal group.

Anti-choice politicians in Wisconsin are gathering sponsors for “Sonya’s Law,” an anti-choice bill named after a woman who chose to continue a pregnancy after receiving an ultrasound.

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