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Virginia Governor Moves Forward on Medicaid Expansion Without Legislature

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe

During a press conference, Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced vetoes of portions of the state budget, and laid out his plan for addressing Medicaid expansion.

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Virginia Committee Panels—Where all Reproductive Legislation Goes to Die

Sens Northam (left), Herring, & Favola at a meeting of the Senate Health Education & Welfare committee, 01/17. (My SA)

Nothing made it out of the Virginia assembly’s committee when it comes to abortion bills. That’s good news and bad news for reproductive rights supporters.

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Virginia Bill Would Abolish Abortion Funding for Low-income Women Carrying Totally Incapacitated Fetuses


A proposal in the Virginia General Assembly to eliminate state funding for certain abortions could force some low-income women to carry to term a fetus with a low likelihood of survival.

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Cuccinelli Seeking to Override Virginia Medical Board

Ken Cuccinelli. AP Photo.

Not happy that the Board of Health isn’t shutting down more Virginia abortion clinics, the Attorney General is telling them to meet again.

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