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You Can’t Have it Both Ways: The Interpretation of Catholic Health Policy and the Consequences for Pregnant Women

(Reuters via Lawyer Herald)

As a committee of the Irish Parliament considers proposals to offer limited legal abortion in Ireland, this paper explores how these issues came together around Savita Halappanavar’s death, the interpretation of Catholic health policy and the consequences for pregnant women.

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Hold On to Your Birth Control! ACLU Forecasts Big Year Ahead for Reproductive Rights

(IllustrationThinks via CNN)

Don’t expect legislators opposed to reproductive rights to tread lightly in 2013 just because voters made it clear extreme approaches to health care aren’t popular, warned the American Civil Liberties Union in a media conference call Tuesday.

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ACLU Asks Federal Appeals Court to End Religious Restrictions on Reproductive Health Care for Trafficking Victims

photo courtesy of KeithBurtis via Flickr

Attorneys for the ACLU went before the First Circuit Court of Appeals to prevent Catholic Bishops from denying reproductive health care to human trafficking victims.

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ELECTION 2012: USCCB Faces Criticism from Parishoners, Other Bishops for Partisanship

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York and president of the USCCB. Photo: LA Times.

Catholic bishops went all in this election season. Will they learn anything from their defeat?

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More Pressure on Catholic Voters: Priests and Bishops Tell Parishoners Their Souls Are in Danger

Photo: BreitBart.com.

Catholic bishops continue to try and exert their will on religious voters.

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To Address Human Trafficking, the United States Must Take a New Approach

We continue to push President Barack Obama to recognize trafficking for what it is and not get mixed up in the politics of advocates who are not as focused on addressing the climate of fear and coercion endured by so many workers around the world.

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U.S. Policy and the Unjust Approach to Human Trafficking of the International Justice Mission

When you picture a human rights defender, are they carrying handcuffs? Are they removing you from your home or workplace and directing you into a police van?

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UPDATE: A Closer Look at the Contraceptive Coverage Lawsuits: The Radical Agenda Behind the Fight Over Religious Exemptions

Thirty lawsuits have been filed by corporations challenging the HHS regulation requiring that most health plans cover contraceptives. A survey of these cases yields some useful information as to what the “religious freedom” debate is all about.

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Letter of Inquiry & Petition for Action: Students Take on Notre Dame Over the Birth Control Benefit

We, members of the Notre Dame community, wish to express our disagreement with the university’s decision to file a lawsuit contesting the Health and Human Services mandate that requires employee health insurance plans to provide no-cost birth control coverage to employees. 

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How Anti-Choice Is Paul Ryan? Check the Record

Rep. Paul Ryan

For well over a week, both sides have been parsing Ryan’s abortion stance. Why is a man so openly anti-choice so unwilling to admit his actual positions?

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