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As Notre Dame Appeals Birth Control Benefit, Costs to Catholic Universities of Discriminatory Health Plans Increase

Notre Dame admissions building.

It is now clear that no “compromise” short of freeing all health plans from any regulation whatsoever having to do with contraception will placate fundamentalist Catholic groups. But with the Notre Dame appeal also comes evidence that the costs of these suits to Catholic universities is rising.

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You Can’t Have it Both Ways: The Interpretation of Catholic Health Policy and the Consequences for Pregnant Women

(Reuters via Lawyer Herald)

As a committee of the Irish Parliament considers proposals to offer limited legal abortion in Ireland, this paper explores how these issues came together around Savita Halappanavar’s death, the interpretation of Catholic health policy and the consequences for pregnant women.

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ELECTION 2012: USCCB Faces Criticism from Parishoners, Other Bishops for Partisanship

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York and president of the USCCB. Photo: LA Times.

Catholic bishops went all in this election season. Will they learn anything from their defeat?

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More Pressure on Catholic Voters: Priests and Bishops Tell Parishoners Their Souls Are in Danger

Photo: BreitBart.com.

Catholic bishops continue to try and exert their will on religious voters.

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Bishops to Parishoners: Vote This Way or Go to Hell

A new flyer provided at Catholic churches advises parishoners to vote against “evil.”

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Todd Akin More Strict on Abortion Than the Catholic Church?

Archbishop Dolan, of NY. Andrew Cusack/andrewcusack.com.

The church tries to clarify its own position on rape, but leaves things even more confusing.

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A Victory for Millennials in the Push for Access to Contraception

Today, for a brief moment, we can take time to celebrate a victory in womens health. Because today, most private insurance companies in the United States will begin to cover all FDA-approved forms of contraception, free of co-pays. This is a BIG step forward.

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The War On Workers’ Religious Liberty

A federal judge in Colorado shows he’s open to the argument that employers should be able to dock your insurance benefits because they oppose contraception. If conservatives successfully open this door, expect more attacks on workers’ religious freedom.

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CORRECTION: Colorado Judge Grants Preliminary Injunction Against Birth Control Mandate

Ellen M. Blalock/The Post-Standard/AP.

The preliminary injunction, granted in a suit brought by owners of an air-conditioning company in Colorado who “oppose birth control.”

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In Victory for Women, Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Birth Control Mandate

[img src]

A federal judge today dismissed the lawsuit filed by seven states attorneys general seeking to block the birth control mandate, the requirement under health reform that all insurance policies provide contraception without a co-pay.

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