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Stoking Fire: Right Rejects Disabilities Treaty on Grounds It Threatens Anti-Choice Movement

Last year, Republican senators, led by far-right ideologues Farris and Santorum, defeated ratification of a U.N. treaty based on the Americans With Disabilities Act. Will they succeed again this year?

Why is the right rejecting a treaty that has the potential to improve the lives of millions of people with disabilities around the world? Because of women’s reproductive health and the perceived weakening of parental rights and U.S. primacy.

· · · · · 

Ending Violence Against Women Shouldn’t Be Controversial—But it Is

Flags outside the United Nations building in New York City.

One week into the annual UN Commission on the Status of Women meeting, it seems possible that the negotiations will once again end at an impasse.

· · · · · 

Why is Michelle Bachelet Playing into the Holy See’s Hands?

The Holy See has a limited but well-practiced playbook it follows at international conferences.

Michelle Bachelet, the head of UN Women, has indicated that she’s willing to compromise with the world’s most conservative regimes and water down the UN’s commitment to women’s rights. She shouldn’t.

· · · · · 

UN and WHO: Chemicals That Harm Repro Health a “Global Threat”


This week, an international team of experts, in conjunction with the WHO and the UN Environment Programme, released a report declaring hormone-disrupting chemicals a “global threat” that should be addressed.

· · · · · 

By Choice, Not by Chance: Family Planning is Everyone’s Right

Access to family planning services is a long-recognized basic human right… but we have a long way to go to ensure everyone has access.

· · · · · 

How Can We Prevent Rape as a Weapon Used in Conflict?

Can we do anything useful to stop sexual assault in conflict, and, if so, is the United Nations the entity to do it?

· · · · · 

Reflections on Advancing Women’s Empowerment Beyond Rio+20

You may ask: what exactly is “women’s empowerment” and how can we support this effort to promote sustainable development in a comprehensive and long-term way, while at the same time respecting human rights?

· · · · · 

Rio+20: Our “Allies” Did Nothing to Stand Up for Us

Not only is the Rio +20 outcome document, “The Future We Want,” silent on sexual and reproductive rights, but during the negotiations many of  the EU and G77 countries who have been progressive on these issues in the past were completely silent.

· · · · · 

Live from Rio+20, Day Four: “Plenary Floor, Demographic Dividend and the Youth Bulge”

Dr Carmen Barroso, Director, IPPF/WHR. (Photo: Vicky Markham)

While the last hours of negotiations unfold, we begin to look forward to future demographic trends and how to turn them into dividends rather losses.

· · · · · 

Live from Rio+20, Day Three: “The Voices of Women”

Climate Wise Women at Rio+20": Constance Okollet, Ngozika Onuzo, Tracy Mann, Ulamila Kurai Wragg, Sharon Hanshaw.

Today I participated in an extraordinary side-event on “Rio+20 and Women’s lives: A Cross-General Dialogue” at the Ford Foundation Pavilion. This event was very intimate, it drew you in, with women’s personal stories for Rio+20 and beyond.

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