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Legal Wrap: New Legal Fights Shaping Up Post-‘Hobby Lobby’

The legal landscape after the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision is taking shape, and it's a mess.

The legal landscape after the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision is taking shape, and it’s a mess.

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Kansas Judge Hears Arguments in Wichita Clinic Stalking Case

Similar "wanted" signs handed out with Dr. Tiller's face and address on them, which were handed out before he faced his first assassination attempt in 1993.

The attorney of a pastor accused of handing out “wanted” posters for a Wichita clinic operator says the pastor is protected by the First Amendment.

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Anti-Choicers Fail in Effort to Re-Zone New Kansas Clinic


South Wind Women’s Center will not be rezoned out of opening, despite anti-choice efforts.

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Despite Legal and Physical Harassment, Group Plans to Re-Open Former Tiller Clinic in Kansas

Tiller's clinic, which was memorialized when he was murdered. (AP via CBS News)

Complaints, pickets, frivolous lawsuits, none of those can stop Trust Women from reopening the clinic closed since Dr. George Tiller’s murder.

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“Marching” Together, Online: Trust Women Week and the Silver Ribbon Campaign

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It’s no secret that the United States is in the midst of a War on Women. During January 20-27, women and allies from around the country will come together to fight back — online.

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Arizona Legislators Introduce Resolution to Trust Women

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Sadly, it doesn’t look likely to pass.

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