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This Week in Sex: Surprises Involving Foot Cream, a Homecoming Queen, and George H.W. Bush

Researchers are hopeful after a common topical anti-fungal medication is found to kill HIV-infected cells in a culture.

This week, researchers are hopeful after a common topical anti-fungal medication is found to kill HIV-infected cells, a transgender high school student experiences highs and lows after being named homecoming queen, and President George H.W. Bush is a witness at a same-sex wedding.

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Chicago’s ‘Pregnant Men’ Ads: Flipping the Dialogue on Men and Teen Pregnancy Prevention


The Chicago Department of Public Health’s Office of Adolescent and School Health just released a new set of teen pregnancy prevention ads that feature images of half-naked young men who appear, thanks to technology, pregnant.

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Get Real! Trans Boyfriend, Uncomfortable Girlfriend

The data suggest that 49 percent of adolescents who have been in a dating relationship have been victims of dating violence at least once in their lives and 46 percent have perpetrated it on a partner; emotional abuse seems to account for much of this.

Dating someone who’s trans and feeling uncomfortable? How to look at what’s going on and figure out what’s really best for both of you.

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‘Man Pregnancy’ and Other Harmful Notions That Prevent Inclusivity

Thomas Beatie.

Our society polices which bodies are supposed to reproduce—everything that falls outside of these expectations becomes a spectacle or public property.

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Trans Inclusion: Trust, Verify, Educate


The invisibility of trans communities is real. So are unthinking insults. By treating the latter as intentional, we do nothing to inform and educate about the first.

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Government-Issued IDs: A Barrier to the Vote, A Barrier to Emergency Contraception

The use of a government issued ID to suppress the rights of “undesirable” communities is not just limited to voting rights, but is also a barrier for access to over-the-counter emergency contraception.

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How Discrimination Leads to Health Disparities in the Transgender Community

Data shows that transgender people are more likely to be uninsured, face discrimination in health care, be HIV positive and suffer from depression and attempted suicide.

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Illinois Consent Decree Important Step For Transgender Individuals Seeking Birth Certificate Changes

photo courtesy of penelope waits

A lawsuit filed by the ACLU brings an important change to Illinois rules regarding birth certificate changes.

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Have We Evolved in Our View of Transgender People?

Twenty states now have laws prohibiting gender discrimination against LGBT people. However, that still means that 30 states do not.

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A Transgender Father Challenges Breastfeeding Norms

Transgenderd father Trevor MacDonald and his son

Trevor MacDonald, a trans father in Canada who has breastfed his son for over a year, was rejected by La Leche League as a volunteer leader because of his gender identity.

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