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New Jersey Assembly Woman Will Move to Condemn Akin Rape Remark

Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman. Vimeo screenshot.

Although the politician isn’t from her state, Watson Coleman believes Akin’s comments were harmful enough to deserve official condemnation.

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Legitimate Rape? A Rape Victim and Counselor Reflects on Rape Culture Myths

When Rep. Todd Akin recently brought the phrase “legitimate rape” into political discourse, I was simply stunned. Yet his horrifying and dangerously ignorant assertion is, even after all these years, merely a bald-faced acknowledgment of what our rape culture has allowed to exist: the idea that women are only rarely “rape-raped.” 

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Is Akin Leading McCaskill in Missouri Again?

McCaskill & Akin. AP Photo.

A new poll has Akin back ahead of McCaskill in the Missouri senate race.  But does who commissioned it matter at all?

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SBA List Spends Money in Missouri, But Not on Akin

Al Kresta/Blogspot.

The group offered moral support to the senate candidate, but seems to be spending their ad dollars elsewhere.

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Todd Akin: Remove His Mask and You’ll Find Mitt Romney

Let’s be very clear that the Republican Party Platform endorses no abortion for any woman for any reason. And that this was not just the ignorant opinion of an isolated individual. This is part of the campaign of misinformation that the far Right Wing has been waging since at least the time of Reagan. 

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The Natural Use of a Woman? Making Babies for God’s Army No Matter the Risk

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar pose with baby #19, who was born prematurely. Enlow/TLC.

A quick look beneath the surface reveals that America’s most celebrated Quiverfull couple believe and espouse decidedly unhealthy ideas when it comes to sex and babymaking.

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Dueling Priorities Force God to Move Hurricane Away from Tampa

Pat Robertson of The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and the 700 Club.

Well, we knew God was going to be responsible for the storm somehow.

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Missouri Republican Says God Blesses Raped Women With Pregnancy

Sharon Barnes. Gawker.

A Missouri Republican who came to the defense of Representative Todd Akin told the The New York Times last week that, while “abortion is never an option…. If God has chosen to bless this person [the rape victim] with a life, you don’t kill it.”

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She’s Just an Easy-Bake Oven: How the GOP and the Anti-Choice Movement See Women

Akin’s comments about “legitimate rape” went against science and reality, but that’s par for the course when it comes to an anti-choice movement that ignores the lives and feelings of women in order to paint them as reproductive objects who deserve no say in how they’re used.

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Todd Akin’s Bad Seed

When public officials make statements that are scientifically inaccurate, it plants a bad seed.

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