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Akin’s “Legitimate Rape” Comments Linked to Spousal Rape Bill?

Todd Akin. Photo: The New Yorker.

Akin’s concerns about fabricated rape claims was evident as early as the nineties when he worried that acknowledging spousal rape might give women a way to “beat up on their husbands.”

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What God Intended? As a Victim and Survivor of Rape I am Appalled and Disgusted

As a victim and survivor of rape I am appalled and disgusted with the statements that have been made and although it is a very difficult thing to talk about I decided that I could not remain silent any longer.

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Letter to the GOP: I Was Raped and Got Pregnant. Here Is *My* Story [TRIGGER]

I was raped during my freshman year of college. To add to the burden, I got pregnant.

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Akin Repeatedly Arrested in the Eighties Blocking Clinic Access

Photo: Orlin Wagner/AP via

News archives suggest that Akin was frequently arrested protesting clinics in 1987.

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Akin Defense of Abortion Protester Disturbing in Depiction of Women as Children

Rep. Todd Akin. Photo: Sarah Conard/Reuters via Buzzfeed.com.

Frightened little girl turned violent protective mother bear? What does Akin really believe about women?

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As Missouri Senate Race Goes to the Dogs, Akin’s Radical Anti-Choice Past, Links to Militia Groups Surface

Akin and McCaskill debate. Photo: The Washington Post.

Will Akin’s ties to radical anti-choice extremists be the final blow to his campaign?

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No, Joe Walsh: Women Do Not Have Nine Lives

Congressman Joe Walsh says abortions never save women’s lives. He’s wrong. Here’s one story out of many.

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All Politics Aside, Rape Shouldn’t Be a “Controversial” Issue

Has their ever been an election cycle where sexual assault has become such a political issue?

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Akin Continues to Trail in Polls

Todd Akin. Photo: Christian Gooden/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/AP File.

Hoping to boost himself back from his loss, Akin is trying to remind Missouri voters of McCaskill’s support of the Affordable Care Act.

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New Jersey Assembly Woman Will Move to Condemn Akin Rape Remark

Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman. Vimeo screenshot.

Although the politician isn’t from her state, Watson Coleman believes Akin’s comments were harmful enough to deserve official condemnation.

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