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Paging the ‘Orange Army’: Submit Your Wendy Davis Filibuster Memories

Wendy Davis

Were you a member of the “orange army” that showed up last summer at the Texas capitol to defend reproductive rights? We want to hear from you!

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The Texas HB 2 SCOTUS Petition: What It Means, and What Happens Next

Texas is shutting down abortion clinics, driving privileged women to travel far for abortion, and forcing lower-income women to endure forced pregnancy. This is where the entire country is headed, if the anti-choice movement prevails in the courts.

What does Monday’s Supreme Court filing mean for the legal battle over Texas’ omnibus anti-abortion law?

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Decision Reinstating Texas Anti-Choice Law Heavy on Judgment, Light on Reasoning

Under current state law, only a small subset of rape survivors qualify for such orders.

On Thursday, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals showed it won’t let law and procedure get in the way when it comes to restricting abortion access.

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‘The Blood of Texas Women Is on Your Hands’: Gov. Perry Signs Texas Omnibus Anti-Abortion Bill

"Protestors sing 'we're not gonna take it' after Governor Perry signed HB 2 into law.

Flanked by anti-choice legislators, Republican Gov. Rick Perry held a public ceremony at the state capitol building Thursday to sign HB 2 while pro-choice protesters in the rotunda chanted and held signs.

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