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Texas Coalition to Hit Back Against Anti-Choice Policies

Dinorah Martinez speaks at a Thursday press conference announcing a new, multi-year public policy campaign called "Trust. Respect. Access."

Democratic Texas lawmakers who have proposed a handful of new reproductive rights bills said Thursday that they know they have an uphill legislative battle, but that they refused to back down while anti-choice Republicans push for more restrictions on abortion care, sex education and reproductive health access.

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A Textbook Case: The Continuing Battle for Control Over What Students Read

A school board in Arizona made headlines last month for voting to cut pages out of a biology textbook in order to make sure that students do not learn about abortion.  While taking x-acto knives to textbooks is extreme and rare—though it has certainly been done before—textbook censorship is not at all rare and the process for getting these books into the classroom is quite often more about politics than education.

While physically taking X-Acto knives to textbooks is extreme and rare, the struggle to mandate what these texts do and do not teach children is not rare in the slightest—and it can manifest in ways that are far more insidious than ripping pages out of a book.

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Progressive Religious Leaders Seek to Shift the Conversation on Contraception and Abortion in Texas

Rev. Ellen Cooper-Davis, a Unitarian Universalist minister from Houston, leads Texas clergy members in a prayer for increased access to contraception at the Texas state capitol.

Last week, clergy from across the state of Texas gathered at the capitol building in Austin to show their support for access to contraception. Clad in collars, stoles and other religious garb, they stood in the outdoor rotunda to call, publicly, for legislators to stop their ongoing attacks on Texans’ freedom to choose when and whether to have children.

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Texas Freedom Network Rallies Clergy In Favor Of Contraception

TFN volunteers. Photo: Texas Freedom Network.

In an effort to show state leaders that it’s possible to have faith both in God and women, a Texas non-profit has launched an online petition signed by hundreds of clergypeople who support contraceptive access. Will it be the push legislators need to institute good family planning policy?

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The Good Old Days: When Sex Ed Wasn’t Trying to Be Bad

The cobbled-together, patchwork sex ed I got at my West Texas high school in the 1990s was better than the outright lies abstinence-only programs push.

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