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New Oklahoma Bill Could Do Away with Judicial Bypass for Teens


Want an abortion without telling your parents? Not in Oklahoma.

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New York Post to NYC Teens: Give Birth!

(Clutch Magazine)

Just as New York City released new numbers showing that its multi-pronged attempt to reduce teen pregnancy rates seems to be working, the New York Post manufacturers a controversy over how much birth control schools are really distributing.

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Why the Latino Community Should Care About Reproductive Health

Texas Representatives Mary González (left) and Justin Rodriguez.

As colleagues and legislators, we have been discussing the current status and future of reproductive health care in Texas. Recent political discourse has prompted us to reignite a community conversation in hopes of raising some awareness about the intersections of race, class, and gender when it comes to health care.

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Dispatches from Jackson: Teens Having Sex is a Fact, Not Fiction, In Mississippi

(Robin Marty)

Unintended pregnancies, especially teen pregnancies, are a large contributor to the many other challenges that plague the families in Mississippi, such as high rates of maternal and child mortality, a broader health crisis, and skyrocketing poverty levels.

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ELECTION 2012: Montana Voters Approve Parental Notification for Teens Seeking Abortions

Montana girls under the age of 16 no longer have the right to privacy when it comes to pregnancy and abortion.

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Women Making Moves! Interview with Teen Mom NYC’s Gloria Malone

Meet Gloria Malone, the creator of Teen Mom NYC, a blog where she gives a personal account of her life as a former teen mom. Now a college student living in New York City with her 6-year-old daughter, Gloria provides helpful and accurate information for other teen moms while striving to connect them with local resources.

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Teenagers Have Sex: Deal With It

young couple in bed

If teenagers are going to have sex, and we know they are, they should have access to emergency contraception in schools.

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Judicial Bypass in Arkansas? “We Don’t Give ANYONE Permission for Abortions Here!”

How hard is it for a teen to get an abortion without parental permission? One social worker tries to navigate the legal system.

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New York Schools Provide Teens Access to Emergency Contraception

Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Following FDA recommendations, a program in New York City has been providing teens access to emergency contraception in their schools’ health offices.

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School-Based STD Screenings: One Way for Youth to Take Charge of their Sexual Health

How can we encourage youth to take control of their sexual health?  Here’s one example: school-based STD screening.

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