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I Was a Teen Mom and The NYC Teen Pregnancy Ads Miss the Point

Instead of society saying "Didn't you see the ads? Why didn't you listen? It's all your fault," they should be wondering why decades of scary campaigns haven't worked and start providing support rather than shame.

The Bloomberg Administration and NYC’s Human Resources Administration have launched a campaign whose purpose seems to be shaming and stigmatizing teen mothers. But politicians and older generations are the ones who should be ashamed for their failures to provide meaningful sexual health education or to address the social conditions that lead to teen pregnancy.

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It’s Not Just Those Awful Ads in NYC: Teen Moms Are Bullied Every Day

Billboard campaign to prevent teen pregnancy in Washington, DC.

When teens become parents, they instantly become victims of discrimination, judgment, and stereotyping, not only from their peers, but from school staff as well.

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NYC Teen Pregnancy Campaign Brings Shaming to Bus Shelters and Cell Phones

The New York Human Resource Administration's new teen pregnancy prevention campaign takes shame as a prevention tactic to an entirely new level.

The New York Human Resource Administration’s new teen pregnancy prevention campaign takes shame as a prevention tactic to an entirely new level.

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Montana Legislature Moves from Parental Notification to Parental Consent


Now all minors would have to get parental permission prior to an abortion.

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Teen Birth Rates Hit Historic Lows; More Access to Contraceptives Credited


Teen birth rates fell to an historic low in 2011 thanks, in part, to new policies that make it easier for teens to access contraception. 

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New Oklahoma Bill Could Do Away with Judicial Bypass for Teens


Want an abortion without telling your parents? Not in Oklahoma.

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New York Post to NYC Teens: Give Birth!

(Clutch Magazine)

Just as New York City released new numbers showing that its multi-pronged attempt to reduce teen pregnancy rates seems to be working, the New York Post manufacturers a controversy over how much birth control schools are really distributing.

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Why the Latino Community Should Care About Reproductive Health

Texas Representatives Mary González (left) and Justin Rodriguez.

As colleagues and legislators, we have been discussing the current status and future of reproductive health care in Texas. Recent political discourse has prompted us to reignite a community conversation in hopes of raising some awareness about the intersections of race, class, and gender when it comes to health care.

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Dispatches from Jackson: Teens Having Sex is a Fact, Not Fiction, In Mississippi

(Robin Marty)

Unintended pregnancies, especially teen pregnancies, are a large contributor to the many other challenges that plague the families in Mississippi, such as high rates of maternal and child mortality, a broader health crisis, and skyrocketing poverty levels.

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ELECTION 2012: Montana Voters Approve Parental Notification for Teens Seeking Abortions

Montana girls under the age of 16 no longer have the right to privacy when it comes to pregnancy and abortion.

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