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‘16 and Pregnant’ May Work, But We Could Do So Much Better

Stop appropriating my family and my peers for your mission and realize you are not only failing teenage families but you are also failing non parent teens through exploitive methods.

Researchers and the general public may be unable to agree on teen pregnancy shows’ contributions to society, but what we all can agree on is that these MTV shows present tired tropes about teen moms that are harmful for young girls.

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Shame From All Angles: Why Doesn’t Anyone Seem to Respect Teen Parents?

Instead of society saying "Didn't you see the ads? Why didn't you listen? It's all your fault," they should be wondering why decades of scary campaigns haven't worked and start providing support rather than shame.

A Nebraska judge recently ruled that a pregnant teen in foster care could not have the abortion she was seeking. Many people have pointed out the irony of her being too young to make decisions, but old enough to parent—but the issues at stake here go much deeper.

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‘How Did You Become a Teen Mom?’

Why is it that youth are bombarded with inaccurate information about sex by adults and are then taunted by those same adults whenever "it" (pregnancy) happens to them?

I never quite understand how to answer that question. My immediate response is usually, “Sex—unprotected sex, to be exact.” However, the real answer is far more complex, and some individuals may see my reasons as “excuses” so I usually don’t bother to explain it. But I will now.

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Backlash Against NYC Teen Pregnancy Campaign Brings Tweaks, But Message Remains the Same

NYC HRA teen pregnancy ads

In the campaign’s SMS exchange about Anaya, the pregnant teen character who is bullied at the prom, she is no longer called a “fat loser”—now she’s just called a “loser.” Progress?

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It’s Not Just Those Awful Ads in NYC: Teen Moms Are Bullied Every Day

Billboard campaign to prevent teen pregnancy in Washington, DC.

When teens become parents, they instantly become victims of discrimination, judgment, and stereotyping, not only from their peers, but from school staff as well.

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Women Making Moves! Interview with Teen Mom NYC’s Gloria Malone

Meet Gloria Malone, the creator of Teen Mom NYC, a blog where she gives a personal account of her life as a former teen mom. Now a college student living in New York City with her 6-year-old daughter, Gloria provides helpful and accurate information for other teen moms while striving to connect them with local resources.

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Keep Your Stigma: Latina/o Youth Need Real Support

[img src]

In order to address adolescent pregnancy and parenting in the Latina/o community and beyond, we must collectively start to change the discourse and norms to include youth sexuality and health needs from a perspective that acknowledges young people’s rights to education, access, autonomy and opportunities.

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