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Susan B. Anthony List Opens Anti-Guttmacher Research Center to Push Polls That Support Their Agenda

Image taken from the SBA List website.

Oh hey!  Looks like the anti-choice folks found a new way to come up with their own set of “facts”!

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The Perfect SBA List Candidate? One Ignorant of Minimum Wage, Violence Against Women, and Other Key Issues

What does it take to find a female candidate the SBA List will be willing to endorse?  It turns out it helps if she knows little about policies affecting women.

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Brewer Signs “Abortion-Services” Bill At Susan B. Anthony List Reception

Gov. Jan Brewer. [img src]

I hope she at least got a good photo op out of the deal.

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Susan B. Anthony List President Cheers Anti-Choice Progress On “Taking On” Family Planning Funding

Dannenfelser explains to the Washington Post how, by calling it all “abortion providing” they’ve managed to get lawmakers to turn on family planning funding.

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Susan B. Anthony List Endorses Romney, Proving Itself to be Just a GOP Front Group

SBA Pledge Page

Despite his refusal to take their pledge, the SBA announces they will endorse Romney because he’s going to be the nominee anyway.

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BREAKING: Komen Apologizes, Says Will Allow Planned Parenthood to Apply For Future Grants

[img src]

While a reversal of the decision is welcome, it also raises further questions. Komen denied yesterday that the de-funding had anything to do with investigations, even though their original memo said just that.  Instead they claimed that the decision was based on “new metrics” and the desire to do “direct service” grants. Now, however, they are back to the “investigations” reason. And, Planned Parenthood can “apply” for future grants but who knows what that means now?

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Roundup: Komen Story Keeps Changing As Outrage Grows and Group Becomes Increasingly Isolated

It seems that the Susan G. Komen Foundation did not think very carefully when making the decision to cut off breast cancer prevention grants to Planned Parenthood clinics. And Komen is becoming increasingly isolated as outrage grows.

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Susan G. Komen: Can You Trust a Breast Cancer Organization Whose Staff and Board Members Lie About Breast Cancer?

Can you trust a breast cancer organization whose staff and board lie about medical science, including breast cancer?

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Surprise! SBA Group Endorses Republican Man Running Against Democratic Woman

Vilsack (left) & King (right). [img src]

Susan B. Anthony would be so proud!

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Obama Hearts Abortion Providers

Taken from Life News, a leading anti-choice website.

The Susan B. Anthony List has put out their own new anti-Obama video.

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