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SBA List Spends Money in Missouri, But Not on Akin

Al Kresta/Blogspot.

The group offered moral support to the senate candidate, but seems to be spending their ad dollars elsewhere.

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Do “Righteous” Candidates Support Forcing 12-Year-Old Rape Victims to Give Birth? SBA List Thinks So

Marylin Musgrave. [img src]

Does “courage” mean making really offensive, scientifically incorrect statements to support your position?

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The Party Wants Akin Out, Anti-Choice Interest Groups Don’t

Is the right about to have its first major splintering?

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V.P. Or Not V.P., Choice Is The Question

[img src]

No one really expects Romney to pick Condi Rice for his running mate, but the rumor has taught us much about the Republican Party.

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Obama Campaign TV Ad Targets Romney’s Pledge to Support Fetal Pain Ban With No Exceptions for Rape, Incest

The presidential campaign has diverted from Bain for a bit to note Romney’s lack of support for women’s reproductive rights.

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Susan B. Anthony List Doublespeak: Wanna End the War on Women? Take Away ALL Choices


In an attempt to invoke “1984” the “women’s” political group seems to claim real choice is having no choice at all.

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Less Than One Week After National Right To Life Endorses Fischer, Susan B. Anthony List Does Same

I wonder what took so long? Fischer touted her “100% pro-life” record and desire to “repeal Obamacare” in her introductory television ad.

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Susan B. Anthony List Profits Off Large Donations From Mysterious Group Associated With Koch Brothers

The Koch brothers. [img src]

A million dollars can go a long way in defeating pro-choice candidates.

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Susan B. Anthony List Opens Anti-Guttmacher Research Center to Push Polls That Support Their Agenda

Image taken from the SBA List website.

Oh hey!  Looks like the anti-choice folks found a new way to come up with their own set of “facts”!

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The Perfect SBA List Candidate? One Ignorant of Minimum Wage, Violence Against Women, and Other Key Issues

What does it take to find a female candidate the SBA List will be willing to endorse?  It turns out it helps if she knows little about policies affecting women.

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