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Why Justice Alito May Be the Most Dangerous Man on the Bench

Between his dissent in Windsor and his majority opinion in Vance, Justice Alito proves he's willing to do the Bishop's bidding.

For Justice Samuel Alito, the Defense of Marriage Act and workplace discrimination cases represent the coming together of two very real threats to him: advancing equality in society and advancing equality in the workplace.

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Republican Massachusetts Senate Candidate Opens Up on Forced Waiting Periods

Republican Massachusetts Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez.

At Wednesday’s debate Republican candidate Gabriel Gomez gave some indication of how he would vote on reproductive health policy, a topic that he has been reluctant to discuss in detail on the campaign trail.

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Legal Wrap: Marriage Equality, Contraception, and the NRA Teaming Up With Anti-Abortion Groups

Sacramento, California, November 22, 2008: Protest against the passage of Proposition 8.

While the Supreme Court took up marriage equality, the NRA and anti-abortion groups joined forces to block an important judicial appointment.

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What’s Really Behind the Oklahoma AG’s Request for SCOTUS Review of RU-486 Restrictions?

Even with a packed docket, the Roberts Court could find room to take up important cases on pregnant workers' rights as well as a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade.

The chances of U.S. Supreme Court intervention are so slim that something else has to be behind the petition for review.

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Should Pregnant Women Be Concerned With SCOTUS Review of DNA Testing?


A law designed to help catch serial rapists may have unintended consequences for pregnant women.

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Why Justice Scalia’s Ties To The Gay Conversion Therapy Movement Matter

photo courtesy of The Higgs Boson via Flickr

Justice Scalia has close ties to groups that try to “pray away the gay.” For one thing, his son is active in the “gay conversion” movement.

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Ninth Circuit Panel Appears Skeptical Of Arizona 20-Week Abortion Ban, As Lawyers Argue Women Need “Protection”

photo courtsey of mikecogh via Flickr

A panel of judges heard arguments Monday on Arizona’s 20 week abortion ban and didn’t appear convinced the state had made its case.

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The Sinister Motives Behind Challenges to Medicaid Funding of Planned Parenthood

photo courtesy of Tama Leaver via Flickr

Could state Medicaid funding challenges be designed to test the limits of civil rights enforcement statutes?

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Briefs in Support of Arizona’s Pre-Viability Ban Show The Evolution of a Legal Challenge to Roe

photo courtesy of World Cant Wait via Flickr

Briefs filed in support of Arizona’s 20 week abortion ban show the evolution of the anti-choice legal strategy against Roe v. Wade.

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In Nigeria Case, Supreme Court Looks at Corporate Responsibility for Human Rights Abuses Abroad

photo courtesy of informatique via Flickr

Will corporations that facilitate human rights abuses abroad be held accountable under U.S. law? That’s the question the Supreme Court will decide in Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum.

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